Pest Control in Food-Handling Establishments: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2017
To Be Published 3rd Quarter 2018
Forecasts to 2022
Regional Coverage: Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, South America

A comprehensive analysis of the global market for pest control products used in food-handling establishments. The study focuses on the current size of the market and the business opportunities available.

This Report Addresses:

  • The size and segmentation of pest control in the food-handling establishments market in key global countries
  • Application practices by in-house employees and pest management firms
  • Current and future product usage trends
  • The near–term impact of new products on this market
  • Interviews with food handling establishments and the pest management professionals that service them to capture a complete picture of the marke
  • Cultural and non-chemical control practices used to control insects
  • Unmet needs of food-handling establishment and the pest control companies that service them


Report Contents


Executive Summary

Country list includes: Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States

Market Structure

  • Market Structure

- Restaurants (fast food and full service)
- Institutional facilities (schools, prisons, lodging, hospitals)
- Food warehouses
- Food processors

For each market segment listed above, the following information is provided:

  • Structure of the industry


  • Pest control market

- Market characteristics
- Sales by market segment, pest type, brand, formulation type, and supplier
- Active ingredients and volumes
- Treatment techniques

  • Pest control practices

- Application responsibility (employees vs. outside contractors)
- Directions given to outside pest management firms
- Key pest treatment methods

  • Use of trapping and monitoring devices
  • Industrial and institutional market

- Market characteristics
- Supplier sales estimates


Scope & Benefits

Pest Control in Food-handling Establishments: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities provides an accurate and independent appraisal of the market size and segmentation of key end-use segments, application methods and responsibility, products used, product costs, and market trends in the food-handling pest management markets for 2017.

  • Detailed analysis of the current chemical control sales by brand, active ingredient, pest, and supplier
  • A look at the market from both the pest control company and food-handling establishment perspective
  • Cultural and non-chemical control practices used by food-handling establishment for managing insects and rodents
  • To include pest management products used by restaurants, institutional facilities, lodging and hospitality, healthcare facilities, food processors and food warehouses
  • Five-year outlook for pest control in food-handling market
  • Current regulatory situation for pest control products used by food-handling establishments
  • Unmet needs

This report serves an as excellent resource for manufacturers and marketers of pest-controlrelated products used in food-handling establishments. Specifically, this report assists subscribers by:

  • Provide a highly reliable and independent assessment of brand shares for pest control products used in food-handling establishments
  • Identify current market unmet needs
  • Look at chemical and non-chemical control methods
  • Analyzing details on use patterns by specific market segments
  • Providing an assessment of current biocontrol products in use
  • Supplying a resource to augment business plans with reliable insights and data

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