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Plant Growth Regulators: U.S. Market Brief 


Base Year: 2022
Published: January 2023
Regional Coverage: United States

Plant growth regulators (PGRs or plant growth hormones) are defined as organic compounds used to stimulate the growth and development of a plant and are sometimes used as plant growth inhibitors. This market brief provides an assessment of the U.S. market for plant growth regulators, including market size estimates for 2022 and forecasts through 2027.


  • This analysis includes an assessment of key market trends and provides sales estimates from 2019 to 2022 by application/crop, active ingredient, and supplier.
  • The report addresses regulations, challenges, and opportunities for PGRs.
  • A forecast through 2027 is provided.
  • Key statistics for each segment include planted acres, number of facilities, area harvested, and geographic concentrations of key applications.
  • Applications covered include:
    • - Fruits, nuts, vegetables, and tree crops
    • - Field/row crops
    • - Non-crop (turf, nurseries, and greenhouses)
    • - Seed treatment

Table of Contents

  • Introduction and Definitions
  • Key Market Trends and Drivers
  • Total Market Size
  • Sales by Supplier
  • Sales by Application
  • Sales by Active Ingredient
  • Recent Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Regulations
  • Recent Regulatory Approvals
  • Challenges
  • Opportunities
  • Key Statistics
  • Outlook and Forecast through 2027
Absicisic Acid
Auxins (including Indole-butyric acid, Indole acetic acid, and Naphthalene acetic acid)
Brassinolide/Brassinosteroids (BRs)
​​Choline chloride
​​Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA)
Jasmonates (JAs)
Salicylic acid


Fine Americas
​​Nova Source
Valent Biosciences

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for manufacturers/distributors of PGRs and related products. There are significant shifts in the marketplace including regulatory changes, mergers and acquisitions, innovations, and increased demand from both crop and non-crop end users. This market assessment specifically assists subscribers by providing:

  • An objective source for sizing the market with splits by active ingredient, application, and supplier
  • An understanding of market growth and size, and opportunities for future expansion
  • Perspective on leading and emerging players and a five-year forecast

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