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Professional Skin Care Intelligence Center


This new digital platform gathers, processes, and understands large volumes of data relating to the skin care industry on an ongoing basis through various channels, including professional, luxury, and direct-to-consumer. It will help you:

  • Discover the latest trends and innovations
  • Learn about the latest product launches organized by country, product category, and skin concern
  • Learn about interesting outlet developments in the professional skin care space

Channels and Sub-Channels Covered

Medical Care Providers

  • Dermatologist
  • Plastic surgeon
  • Medical Spa


  • Home shopping networks
  • Infomercials
  • Social selling


  • Day spas, spa chains (Massage Envy and Hand & Stone)
  • Hotel/Resort spas
  • Destination spas


  • Company/Brand websites
  • Third-party e-tailers, such as Amazon and Dermstore
  • Retailer websites


  • Salons offering skin care services


  • Brands sold through high-end department stores and specialty stores
  • Typically brands that sell products at higher price points

Customizable and scalable – can include unique or specified data sources

Content of the Platform

Home Page

Home page offers an overview of purchased content, allows direct access to it, and provides the “front page news” section.

  • Direct access to all types of Kline programs, reports, and databases (syndicated and customized) purchased by the client
  • Trending industry news selection
  • Calendar for future publications
  • Direct access to Kline’s market insights (presentations, newsletters, and blogs)


Kline’s take on the latest developments


  • Quarterly analysis of the latest developments in the professional skin care space
  • Annual assessment of channel performance
  • Insight into future channel performance


  • Geography: United States, Europe
  • Channels covered
    • - Professional
    • - Luxury
    • - Direct-to-consumer

New Products Tracker

New products tracker monitors and analyzes the launches of new professional skin care products.

  • Tracking and quantifying of new launches by category, geography, and brand
  • Catalogue of new product launches with crucial information about each launch, such as date, geography, or public sentiment surrounding it
  • Brand insights, which track the number of mentions by brand
  • Word cloud analysis on various themes related to products, such as their ingredients, skin concerns, product types, or packaging

Sales Data

Customizable dashboard based on data from Kline’s Professional Skin Care, Cosmetics & Toiletries, and Medical Skin Care databases*

Trends Monitor

Near real-time newsfeed on the most important information on professional skin care products. Highly curated content on:

  • Product Trends: Innovations, new launches, ingredients, and packaging
  • Consumer Trends: Consumer behaviors and trends
  • Outlet Trends: Treatment/procedure trends, spa/physician office dynamics, and new outlet news

News Center

Real-time newsfeed on various aspects of the competitive landscape in the professional skin care industry

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