Solid-Form Cosmetics: ​Europe Market Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2020
To be published 2nd Quarter 2021
Regional Coverage: Europe

This is a first-of-its-kind overview, focusing on trends for natural and sustainable products that come in a solid form in the European market. The report will include a comprehensive cross-category analysis of this segment’s importance in the European market, its dynamics, key and interesting players, and key market developments in recent years.


  • Size and growth of total solid cosmetics markets in each country
  • Share of solid cosmetics in product categories
  • Key trends and market drivers
  • Covers the following categories: hair care (such as solid shampoos and conditioners), skin care (such as moisturizers or sun oils in stick format), cleansing products (such as solid shower gels), fragrances (usually in a stick format), and oral care (such as toothpaste tablets)
  • Excludes traditional products in solid form: makeup, deodorants in stick format, and bar soaps
  • Profiles of key brands active in this segment with split for brands that specialize in solid form of products and generalist cosmetics brands that offer solid-form cosmetics in their portfolio

Quantitative and qualitative assessment
of the fast-growing market segment!

Table of Contents


Market Overview

An overview of the report findings, including:

  • Overall market size and dynamics
  • Key market drivers

Category snapshots

For each category listed in Table 1:

  • Share of solid products
  • Key brands
  • Category trends
  • Interesting launches

Country snapshots

For each country listed in Table 2:

  • Importance of solid products
  • Key brands
  • Country-specific characteristics related to solid cosmetics

Brand snapshots

For each brand listed in Table 3:

  • Key facts
  • Solid-form products offerings
  • Geographical coverage
Table 1.  Categories
Fragrances ​Personal cleansing products*
​Hair care Skin care
​Oral care


Table 2. Countries
Germany ​Spain
Italy ​​U.K.


Table 3. Brands*​*
Brands specialized in solid beauty ​“Generalist” brands
Ascentical ​Stop the Water!​
CO.SO ​Sante
Flow ​LUSH​
Kaurilan Sauna ​Hello Simple​
Lamazuna ​Logona​
Secrets de Provence ​La Saponaria​

*Excludes traditional bar soaps
**Preliminary and subject to change

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for manufacturers and distributors looking to better understand and assess opportunities in the European market for solid-form cosmetics. It will also offer subscribers:

  • A first-of-its-kind analysis of the market niche that has been developing rapidly in Europe
  • Source of innovative ideas on the market where solid form penetrates into liquid/cream-dominated categories
  • An understanding of which players are active in this segment and how big of an opportunity it could be to your company

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