Retail Channel for Hot Tools

Retail Channel Saves the Day in the Hot Tools Market

As Europeans followed COVID-related stay-at-home orders, fewer women had the need to get glam and that included achieving defined, uniform curls or sleek, straight hair. Fortunately for the hot tools market, those who couldn’t kick the habit turned to a little retail therapy. 

The retail channel, which accounted for a major proportion of the channel split in Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom, continued to witness demand for hot tools, mostly driven by e-commerce in light of the closure of non-essential brick-and-mortar stores. Even when lockdown measures were lifted, most consumers preferred to shop within the comfort and safety of their homes via e-commerce. An interesting point to note is that during the second lockdown, local stores took a cue from established marketers and developed their own e-stores, offering consumers the “click and collect” option. 

Meanwhile, the professional channel experienced a decline in hot tools sales, primarily due to the temporary shutdown of salons. Despite reopenings eventually coming in spurts, hot tools didn’t stand out as a category that salons and stylists were willing to focus on in terms of replenishment or the upgrading of tool offerings, as demand was greater for wet hair care products. Moreover, there was a significant lack in demand from consumers wanting to get their hair styled in salons or through independent stylists. 

Our soon-to-be-published report, Hot Tools: Market Analysis and Opportunities, covering Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom, will keep you abreast of the latest trends and developments occurring in these country markets. The report will help you visualize business opportunities by understanding the hot tools market by various segments and distribution channels.

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