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Medical Dispensing Skin Care: 5 Ways to Generate New Demand

The medical care providers channel has been the shining star of the professional skin care market for several years, registering double-digit growth in 2021 to reach $2.3 billion, according to our Medical Dispensing Skin Care: Global Market Brief report. While the COVID-19 pandemic caused physicians around the world to temporarily shutter their doors, opportunities nevertheless arose, resulting in an unprecedented global surge in sales of medical dispensed skin care brands. 

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AlumierMD: A Rapid Evolution in the Canadian Professional Skin Care Market

AlumierMD: A Rapid Evolution in the Canadian Professional Skin Care Market

AlumierMD, a Canadian-based, professionally dispensed skin care brand, has quickly become a leading player in Canada’s professional skin care market since its debut in 2016. The medical-grade brand is exclusive to physicians; formulates products with clean, clinical ingredients that are free from substances banned by the EU, FDA, and Health Canada; and is most recognized for its award-winning vitamin C and E serum, EverActive C&E + Peptide. The brand is global, with distribution also in the U.K., Ireland, the U.S., and Germany. For additional brand insights, follow our Professional Skin Care Global Series report.


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Against All Odds: The Professional Skin Care Market Is Slated to Exceed Expectations

The market for pricey professional skin care products, particularly those dispensed by physicians, is giving an incredible performance despite the country’s worst health and economic period in recent times.

U.S. sales for these physician-dispensed brands, led by SkinCeuticals, are projected to see increases similar to last year, when the medical care providers channel grew 11%. While most brands have leaned on their digital assets, including brand websites and third-party retailers such as Dermstore and Amazon Professional, the greater surprise is how successful doctors have been in their retailing efforts to clientele.Continue reading

Where Are the Bright Spots? Online Services Booming in the Times of Pandemic

Professional Skin Care: Surviving the New Reality 

Most professional skin care outlets in the United States have been closed since mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic, with no clear indication of when reopenings will occur. In fact, COVID-19 may mark a permanent closure for many of these outlets, particularly in the spa channel. For aesthetic physicians, teledermatology and taking out a small business loan to stay afloat will hopefully preserve businesses. 

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A Look Ahead Into Aesthetic Skin Care Acquisitions

Professional beauty remains a popular hunting ground for acquisition targets, with small and mid-sized brands offering growth potential to their future owners. Both Unilever and Colgate have pursued professional skin care with this strategy in mind, with Unilever’s Dermalogica gaining ground through retail expansion and Colgate-owned EltaMD making progress in the Chinese market. Brand stewards have pursued opportunities in this space including attracting new (younger) consumers and new, advanced products. The recently published 2019 edition of our Professional Skin Care Global Series report indicates that this is still a market filled with vitality, as sales reached $8 billion at the manufacturers level globally in 2019, showing a healthy gain of 5% over the prior year.Continue reading

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Professional Skin Care: Engaging Consumers in the New Decade

Taking measures to reach new skin care consumers and devotees, professional skin care marketers are pushing beyond their traditional selling environments and product offerings more than ever. From the emergence of new outlets to express services, these initiatives helped sales for these brands around the globe rise 5% to reach nearly $8 billion in 2019.Continue reading

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How Is Professional Skin Care Shaping Key Markets?

The professional skin care market continues to witness a healthy growth of more than 7% in 2019 across key markets such as China, Europe, India, and the United States, according to our soon-to-be-published Professional Skin Care Global Series report. China continues to be the largest market; however, developing markets such as India register the strongest growth of more than 12% in 2019. This solid increase is driven by various factors including rising incomes, an emerging middle class, a growing millennial population, and increasing awareness of skin health.Continue reading