KlinePULSE Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Industry Trends: U.S. Annual Subscriptions Service

KlinePULSE Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Industry Trends: Annual Service

Published: Monthly through April 2021-March 2022
Regional Coverage: United States

Program Highlights

  • Based on Kline's vast database of market size and industry trends
  • Updated with rigorous primary and secondary research
  • Comprehensive coverage of categories and major end-use segments
    • Including sales estimates, forecasts and end user survey response data
    • Updated statistics on number of facilities and occupancy rates
  • Full picture assessment of all distribution channels
  • Emerging industry trends
  • Exclusive subscriber benefits, fresh content published monthly

Publication Schedule

With KlinePULSE, you will receive timely updates on the industry:

  1. Four In-Depth reports will provide comprehensive assessments of important business issues
  2. Eight Hot-Topic briefs will provide timely, succinct deliverables that are easily digestible and will help inform business decisions throughout the year

Impact of COVID-19 on the Janitorial Cleaning Market Automation and IoT in the I&I Cleaning Industry Sustainable Cleaning Trends Spotlight on Education End-Use Segment

Supply Chain Challenges
Changes in Cleaning and
Hygiene Protocols
Spotlight on Healthcare End-Use Segment​​​ Spotlight on Restaurants End-Use Segment
Executive Presentation**
Shifts in Distribution
Spotlight on Industrial End-Use Segment Supplier Sales, Share, and
Year in Review and Industry Outlook
In-Depth Report
Hot-Topic Brief
**Exclusive Premium Subscriber Benefit




  • Hard-Surface Cleaning
    • Disinfectants and sanitizers
    • General purpose cleaners
    • Glass cleaners
    • Furniture polish
    • Toilet bowl cleaners
    • Drain cleaners
    • Specialty cleaners
    • Surface cleaning wipes
  • Hand Care
    • Gel hand sanitizers
    • Foam hand soaps
    • Foam hand sanitizers
    • Liquid hand soaps
    • Hand cleaning wipes
    • Bar soaps
    • Industrial heavy duty (pumice/grit) hand soaps
  • Floor Care
    • Floor cleaners
    • Floor strippers
    • Floor waxes
    • Floor spray buffs
    • Wood floor cleaners
  • Air and Odor Control
    • Air and fabric refreshers
    • Deodorizers and odor control products​
  • Carpet Care
    • Shampoo and cleaners
    • Spot removers
    • Deodorizers and anti-static agents


  • Direct sales
  • Distributors
    • Jan/san and paper houses
    • Foodservice distributors
    • Medical/surgical distributors
    • General supply distributors
  • Retailers
    • Warehouse clubs
    • Mass merchants/food and grocery stores
    • Home improvement stores
    • Office supply stores
    • Cash and carry outlets
  • Ecommerce
    • Distributor websites
    • Retailer websites
    • Independent online retailers such as Amazon
  • Other
    • GPOs
    • Company-owned distribution arm or commissary
    • Textile rental firms


  • Building Service Contractors
    • Contractors/contract cleaners
  • Healthcare
    • Hospitals
    • Assisted living facilities
    • Nursing homes
    • ED/Urgent care
    • Doctors’ and dentists’ offices
  • Education
    • Daycare Centers
    • Preschools
    • K-12 schools
    • Colleges and universities
  • Industry
    • Industrial facilities
    • Office buildings
    • Government facilities
  • Lodging establishments
  • Restaurants
    • Fast-casual restaurants
    • Fast-food restaurants
    • Full-service restaurants
  • Retail outlets
  • Other
    • Airports
    • Convention centers
    • Train stations
    • Bus stations/depots
    • Recreational facilities
    • Fitness facilities
    • Spas/salons



  • Kline’s data is trusted because it is sourced from extensive primary research with both end users and manufacturers and distributors.
  • Objective information to help inform new product developments, confirm industry developments, benchmark the competition, and inform discussions with customers
  • Full coverage of all channels of distribution including distributors, retailers, ecommerce, direct sales, and other channels
    • - Comprehensive analysis of end-use segments, uncovering opportunities for growth
    • - Full analysis of cleaning chemicals and wipes
    • - Market trends and new product launches
    • - Sales and market share for leading brands and suppliers
    • - Understanding end-user preferences
    • - Outlook


  • Building on our vast database of data and insights from our end-user surveys, Kline will conduct in-depth B2B interviews with suppliers, distributors, trade associations, and other industry experts to understand key market shifts, covering:
    • - New market trends and developments
    • - Shifts in cleaning and hand hygiene protocols
    • - Supply chain challenges
    • - Shifts in distribution channels
    • - Outlook including expected timelines


  • Our reports take a deep dive into important topics impacting the industry, such as dilution/dispensing trends, sustainability, and automation/AI.


  • Our seasoned team of industry experts is at your disposal to deliver a customized presentation, help
    you dive deeper into our content, and prep for the coming year. One day of dedicated service time is included per year.


Our new, easy-to-use online report delivery system lets you access our incisive research in a flexible and time-saving manner.

Time-saving functionalities of KlinePULSE

  • Full portfolio search ability : Powerful, AI-based search functionality that makes it quick and easy to find your content
  • Multiple filters : Deep filtering options by industry, type, content, and publication
  • Easy access to reports View reports and attachments in-app or download them
  • Personalized feed : Like, follow, bookmark, share, and flag for review

Subscription Benefits

Subscribers receive a continuous flow of our premium market intelligence content.

  • Validate internal data and assumptions
  • Trusted third-party source
  • Stay abreast of market developments and trends
  • Assess the market and competition
  • Identify opportunities and threats
  • Inform new product developments
  • Evaluate channel diversification opportunities
  • Strategic planning

Price Anchor

Nutritional Supplements Market in the United States

Nutritional Supplements Market in the United States

Base Year: 2019
Published July 2020​
Regional Coverage: United States

A comprehensive analysis of the U.S. market for nutritional supplements focusing on key trends, developments, challenges, and business opportunities. This report addresses multi- and single-letter vitamins, minerals, herbal products, and specialty supplements.


  • Size and segmentation of the vast nutritional supplements market including:
    • Branded products
    • Private-label products
  • Recent developments including M&A activity, market trends, and notable new products
  • Competitive assessment includes sales by company and market share
  • Retail distribution through all major outlets including food, drug, mass merchandisers, online, health food stores, warehouse clubs, direct sales and other outlets
  • Assessment of marketing activity including promotional tools, advertising and digital campaigns
  • Forecasts through 2024 by segment with insights on issues and trends likely to influence the category in the future

Report Contents


Executive Summary

An overview of the report findings

Market Segments

For each of the four segments shown in Table 1, the following information will be provided:

  • Category performance
  • Recent developments
  • Competition
  • Retail distribution
  • Marketing activity
  • Outlook
Table 1: Segments Covered​​
Segment name Vitamins Minerals​ Herbal products Specialty supplements​
Includes these types of products: ​Adult multivitamins​ ​​Calcium​ ​Elderberry​ Omega 3s and heart health supplements
​Children’s multivitamins ​Iron ​Garlic, ginseng, ginkgo biloba Glucosamine and chondroitin, CoQ10, and joint health supplements​
​Single letter vitamins (A, B, C, D, and E) ​Echinacea ​Brain health supplements
Soy, saw palmetto Collagen for hair, skin, nail support​​

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for producers and marketers of nutritional supplements because it is based on extensive primary research with marketers in this space.  Specifically, this report assists subscribers by providing:

    • A highly reliable and independent assessment of sales and forecasts for nutritional supplements by market segment
    • Assessment of specialty supplements and herbal products including hot ingredients and expected future  market performance
    • Five-year forecasts that are grounded in reality and provide an objective source to inform business strategy and planning

Price Anchor