Best of Beauty 2020

Taking a Look Back at the Best of Beauty 2020

The unprecedented crisis of the coronavirus outbreak has impacted how consumers shop for beauty and personal care products, and these shopping habits and product category preferences may become the new normal in 2021. Key macro trends prevalent in prior years have been amplified as the rise in stay-at-home orders shifted consumers’ values and desires throughout the year. Below is a sample of the most talkedabout trends we analyzed in 2020the ones we think will still be important in the coming year. 


Beauty Transitions to Natural and Clean Cosmetics


Natural and Clean Products Podcast

The Blurring Lines Between Natural, Clean, and Conscious Beauty 

Join your host, Kline Account Manager Josh Mullenax, as he chats with Kline’s Naturals Market Expert and Research Analyst Alyssa Behrendt on the latest developments that are shaping the natural beauty and personal care space. Find out how such products are faring during the pandemic, discover what role indie brands play in this segment, and hear what opportunities lie ahead. Listen to podcast>>  

Natural and Clean Products Webinar Recording Natural Beauty Around the Globe 

The risof natural products in the beauty world is pervasive around the world. The roundtable discussion in this webinar considers natural personal care ingredients and brand ratings according to degree of naturalness, as well as regional characteristics in four continents we reported on and their key business drivers. Access webinar recording>>  

Natural and Clean Products Highlights Presentation Naturals, Clean Beauty, and Sustainability 

Naturals have flourished globally, with the segment now representing a more significant proportion of the cosmetics & toiletries market around the world. In both Brazil and China, the dominance of nature-inspired brands was a predominant factor for the segment’s growth, while in Europe and the United States, truly natural indies take center stage. 

Due to the pandemic, the high single-digit growth rates recorded over the years are now questionable for the future, with certain categories impacted more than othersother categories will experience robust gains. Download this report to learn about the global naturals market, regions of focus and their differences, the impact of COVID-19, and the outlook. Download presentation>>  

Transformation of the Beauty Retailing Environment


Beauty Retailing Highlights Presentation

Beauty Retailing: Diversifying for the New Normal 

The beauty retailing environment continues to be dynamic, echoing the needs of changing consumer needs. Prior to the pandemic, physical stores had been revamped with digital tools to seamlessly integrate the shopping experience both online and in-store.  Download this highlights report to learn about the new playbook for beauty retailing. Download presentation>>  

Beauty Retailing Podcast The ‘New Normal’ and Shopping Trends 

Tune in to the second episode of Touching Base,” during which host Josh Mullenax will speak with Alyssa Behrendt and Karen Doskow, specialists in Kline’s  consumer products practice. They’ll outline the sweeping trends taking over retailing in the beauty industry during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Listen to podcast>>  

Beauty Retailing Infographic Beauty Retailing: From Now to 2024 

Under current circumstances, e-commerce sales growth for 2020 is on track to surge by more than 20%. Do you have a strong presence where your target audience shops for the products and services you sell? In this infographic, we reveal research results from all channels in the beauty industry. Request infographic>> 

The Changing Face of the Salon Industry 


Salon Hair Care Video

Three Key Trends to Watch in Salon Hair Care: Countries Overview 

In this video, we looked at the country-specific trends shaping the professional hair care industry worldwide. Staying on top of indie brands, e-commerce, and naturals trends is vital to keeping this business competitive. Watch video>>  

Independent Stylists Infographic Independent Stylists: Global Insights 

Independent stylists account for over 45% of the total stylist population worldwide In our infographic, we share research findings about this important group across five major markets: Brazil, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Download infographic>> 

Salon Hair Care Podcast Coronavirus Lockdown: Lessons from the Salon Industry 

Listen to the very first episode of our Beauty Bit Podcast with host Marcela Chifu, Marketing Manager of Kline’s Consumer Products practice, and industry expert Paula Gottdiner, manager of Kline PRO, our powerful tool for the salon industry designed to provide users with transactional data on a quarterly basis. Catch up with the latest trends in the professional hair care market. Listen to podcast>>  

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