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The Future of Naturals at Vivaness 2020

Naturals are here to stay and have penetrated all categories, showing dynamic growth even in the previously underserved ones, including oral care, deodorants, and feminine care products. The revelations were made last week when Kline’s Naira Aslanian took to the floor with a fascinating presentation, “The Future of the Natural Beauty Market,” at the Vivaness International Trade Fair for Naturals and Organic Personal Care products in Nuremberg, Germany.

Early estimates from our forthcoming Natural Personal Care Global Series report show robust growth for the naturals segment with increases of 8% in some key regions. In Europe, the segments’ rise is supported by the importance of locally produced products and certifications, while in the United States, the increase is supported by the rise of “clean indies” and retailers’ support of this movement.

The naturals boom was also reinforced by the abundance of manufacturers present at the Vivaness show. Sustainability, often interlinked with naturals, took center stage this year via discussions, presentations, and products in the market. Waterless formulas of shampoos and conditioners were showcased by indie brands, while active anti-aging formulas were promoted for skin care. Key European players such as Weleda, Lavera, and Natura Siberica were among the largest European players present, while small indies showcased their innovative formulas. Companies from Asia were also present with their organic hair coloring formulas.

A key concept that has been defining naturally positioned indies over the years is “hero” ingredients, with cannabis becoming one. Although newer to Europe, leading marketers such as the Body Shop have expanded their cannabis-based product offerings into this market. In the United States, indies have flooded the market with products that range from body oils to bath salts and moisturizers while penetrating new categories such as oral care.

We will keep an eye on the latest developments of these flourishing segments through our reports Natural Personal Care Global Series, now including individual market views on the United States, China, Europe, and Brazil, and Cannabis Beauty USA.

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