Trend Watch Today’s Aesthetic Skin Care Consumer

Trend Watch: Today’s Aesthetic Skin Care Consumer

Kline’s latest Aesthetic Skin Care Consumer Insights 2023: U.S. Survey reveals that in 2023, aesthetic skin care consumers are sophisticated, trend-conscious, and economically aware. The aesthetics industry has responded to tighter budgets by shifting toward lower-cost treatments and skin care products, while wellness services and new beauty trends are gaining popularity, with a focus on achieving firmer, hydrated, and glowing skin.

Here are some of the key findings from the report:

Tighter Budgets

The economic climate had an impact on the aesthetics industry, with spending on services shifting toward lower spending tiers for non-invasive aesthetic treatments and skin care products.  As a result, the average number of procedures that consumers have annually fell to 3.1 in 2023 from 3.7 in 2022.

Wellness Services Take the Spotlight

The report found that 51% of aesthetic consumers chose to book wellness-related services in addition to their non-invasive treatments. Wellness supplements and IV Hydration Drip Therapy have surged in terms of popularity, addressing specific health concerns like vitamin deficiencies and dehydration. Medical spas have risen to meet this demand by increasingly offering wellness services, like cryotherapy, to bring in a wider array of customers and serve as a starting point for consumers to explore Botox and more advanced aesthetic treatments.

Trend Adoption Among Young Aesthetic Consumers

Over 90% of respondents aged 21-45 incorporated one or more new trends, like vitamins and supplements, skin care-makeup hybrid products, and inclusive sun care products, into their daily beauty routines. These trends are often discovered by the younger age group through popular social media platforms like TikTok. Some other skin care trends embraced by consumers this year include skin cycling and skin steaming.

Shifting Skin Care Goals

While firmer and wrinkle-free skin has always been a priority for aesthetic consumers, there was a significant increase in demand for treatments that achieved this outcome. Additionally, consumers showed a growing interest in having smoother, hydrated, and glowing skin, which was supported by trends like skin barrier and skin cycling. Alternatively, the desire for clearer and brighter skin, which were both key outcomes in 2022, lost traction in 2023.

Growing Trend Toward Minimalism

The number of consumers identifying as minimalists increased, reflecting a preference for simplified skin care regimens. However, the majority of consumers surveyed still considered themselves adventurous and eager to try new products regularly, although this group saw a decline compared to previous years.

To better understand the general direction of consumers’ intentions regarding visits to professional outlets for services and product purchases, refer to Kline’s just-published Aesthetic Skin Care Consumer Insights 2023: U.S. Survey. The report offers valuable insights into the evolving aesthetic industry and changing consumer preferences. It delves into various aspects of the aesthetic consumer journey, including shopping habits, service history, skin care goals, and product routines. It also explores generational behaviors with special attention to Gen-Zs and millennials who are increasingly looking for aesthetic solutions.

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