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Trend Watch: What Is Beauty Sleep, and How Can You Capitalize on It?

The convergence of beauty and wellness continues to present attractive opportunities for beauty businesses to capitalize on. Beauty sleep—a term referring to the time that the skin takes to recover from the day’s pollution, sun exposure, and other environmental factors—has become a popular topic of conversation among consumers who are actively seeking ways to maintain a healthy skin barrier by optimizing sleep quality.

Furthermore, the trend was also echoed at the recent “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” Met Gala. Similar to how the beauty sleep trend aims to rejuvenate skin, physical health, and the overall well-being, the gala was all about reawakening fashion with vibrancy and life. Jessica Biel’s Epsom salt soak in preparation for the gala went viral, further highlighting the integration of holistic wellness practices into beauty routines.

Earlier trends, such as #sleepygirlmocktail on TikTok, have redefined the significance of beauty sleep and nighttime skin care rituals. This term supports the idea of winding down and relaxing before bed, with drinks potentially containing ingredients believed to promote sleepiness or calmness. Some examples are tart cherry juice, chamomile tea, and L-theanine, honey, and lavender.

Lately, the beauty sleep craze has given rise to an elevated nighttime skin routine involving beauty supplements, skin care devices, dedicated skin care routines, and sleep-tracking wearable devices. This growing interest in perfecting an evening routine is not expected to abate any time soon. According to Spate data, U.S. search volumes for the term ‘nighttime skincare routine‘ are forecast to increase by more than 30% across the next year, nearly double that of the past 12 months. Among consumers’ popular choices are Moon Juice’s Magnesi-Om with magnesium and L-theanine for relaxation and sleep, and the Oura Ring, a health tracker that monitors the sleep quality, among others.

Moreover, red light therapy, renowned for enhancing skin’s aesthetics, has amassed over 87 million views on TikTok, with numerous users integrating such devices into their pre-sleep rituals for skin revitalization or including them in post-yoga regimens, as seen at Hello Just Light x Togeth3r’s latest wellness gathering.

As consumers become more aware of the link between sleep and beauty, products positioned at the intersection of the two are expected to grow in demand. Therefore, beauty marketers should continue to prioritize research and development in this area, creating innovative solutions that not only enhance sleep quality but also promote skin health and overall well-being. Additionally, fostering education and awareness campaigns can help consumers understand the importance of a comprehensive approach to beauty that includes adequate rest.

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