Triumphs and Challenges in the Global Professional Nail Care Market

Triumphs and Challenges in the Global Professional Nail Care Market

In the global professional nail care market, the United States has emerged as a true frontrunner, while Europe is still navigating unique hurdles on its path to recovery. The United States market registered a growth rate of almost 6% in 2022, slowing down from the 7.3% recorded in 2021. Conversely, Europe’s growth is down by 2.5% in 2022 from the 3% growth that was registered in 2021. What led to this interesting contrast?

Post COVID, the U.S. market experienced a surge in demand for social functions, events, travel, and indoor activities. As a result, consumers eagerly sought out professional nail care services and products to enhance their appearance and indulge in self care. The upward trajectory of the market was mainly propelled by strong performances in categories such as gels, nail enhancements, and care products, notably led by gels with impressive growth of 17%. However, the underwhelming performance of traditional and long-wear nail polishes, collectively declining at 6.5%, hampered further market growth in 2022.

By contrast, Europe remains below pre-pandemic levels despite showing signs of recovery. All categories experienced decline, with care products registering the most noteworthy decrease of 5.7%. Moreover, gels exhibited the most favorable performance, showing a decline of 0.6%. Supply chain issues, higher service prices, economic uncertainties, and concerns about inflation hindered market growth. Additionally, the prolonged effects of the pandemic led to permanent closures of nail salons, resulting in a decline in the total number of establishments. However, amidst these challenges, some nail technicians have adapted by offering more flexible services and pricing options to meet the evolving needs of their clientele.

Both markets witnessed notable shifts in response to the changing consumer behavior. Professional nail care marketers have adjusted their sales strategies to target a wider audience of non-professional users. This shift, characterized by the utilization of direct-to-consumer channels and catering to the growing demand of nail enthusiasts, has disrupted traditional distribution models and created a more fragmented market. Furthermore, the rise of at-home DIY nail care during the pandemic has impacted the demand for salon services, requiring businesses to adapt to the evolving landscape.

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