U.S. Salon Services Hit a High Mark

Exactly one year from when the professional salon industry hit an all-time low, data from Kline PRO U.S. shows a significant high mark for the industry in the United States. Salon service transactions for March 2021 were the highest since March 2020. Clients are gradually returning to salons, indicating that there is a chance for business to return to pre-pandemic levels. 

Newly launched Kline PRO Canada indicates that the country recovered to a large extent by July but lost momentum amidst numerous restrictions that were reinstated across the nation. Ontario and Quebec were impacted the most, as evidenced by a dip in January, with Ontario lagging behind other regions in the recovery process so far this year. 


Number of Salon Service Transactions by Month

Source: Kline PRO United States and Canada, Q1 2021

In the U.S., salon service transactions in March 2021 were up 5.6% over the previous high in October 2020. Service categories that peaked in March are haircuts, treatments, and other goods and services. The number of treatment services increased 11.6% in that time frame. Clarifying treatment jumped just over 50%, while the highest number of treatments were for conditioning. Beyond the traditional hair services, salons saw a surge in ancillary services, such as: 

  • Body Treatment 
  • Tanning  
  • Skin Care 
  • Hair Removal 
  • Shaving 
  • Hair Extension and Weave Services 
  • Eyebrow Services 
  • Massage 

Conspicuously missing from the March highs is hair coloring. The number of hair coloring services surged in June 2020 when salons saw widespread re-openings throughout the United States and clients were greatly anticipated seeing their stylists. Highlighting services led the way, followed by color glossing/toning. Also enjoying a momentary spike in June were texturing services, most notably perms, which were at the highest levels in years.  

Canada saw similar trends to those in the United States. The July 2020 peak, however, was spread across more categories, with haircuts making up 40% of all service transactions.  

While neither market has fully recovered, data since February 2021 shows that both countries are on an upward trajectory. Both Kline PRO US and Kline PRO Canada will continue to monitor not only professional salon services but also retail product sales. 

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