Professional Skin Care Aesthetic Consumer

Uncovering the Aesthetic Consumer and Physician Mindset

As a large number of Americans get vaccinated and gradually return to pre-pandemic routinesthe spending on aesthetic treatments and products is expected to rise. But by how much? That question, among others, is what our latest surveys  Physician-Dispensed Skin Care and The Professional Skin Care Consumer  aim to uncover. 

The results from our latest market report showed a substantial increase in the sales of professional skin care products through curbside pickup, drop shipments, and, of course, ecommerce sites. In all likelihood, the upward growth trajectory for products will continue, but where will consumers replenish their products? Will it be in their doctor’s office or on or a brand website  or perhaps, a combination of all? 

The pandemic has surely transformed the way physicians interact with their patients and with retail skin care products. With information on everything, from virtual consultative services to the recent surge in e-commerce salesKline’s upcoming report on physician-dispensed skin care will explore what physicians continue to focus on in 2021 and identify their short-term preferences. 

The new report will also focus on various issues including which procedures are gaining more demand, the impact of consumers replenishing their skin care products through other outlets, such as brand websites or third-party e-tailers, and changes in consumer spending. 

Several of these topics will be expanded on even further in our second edition of The Professional Skin Care Consumer: Attitudes and Behaviors Surveyin which we will look at the Zoom dysmorphia phenomenon to discover what role it may play in new consumer aesthetic choices and confirm if aesthetic consumers have stayed loyal to their professional outlets and skin care preferences.  

The next edition of our best-selling Physician-Dispensed Skin Care Survey will shed light on what aesthetic practitioners say about their business in 2020 and 2021. It will get their reactions to product sales through the Internet, their own preparedness for digital sales, and how they view their top-performing brands. 

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