Upcoming Webinar: Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Lubricants and Basestocks Markets

Gain the access to our webinar, hosted by our panel of experts, Yana Wilkinson (VP Energy), Ian Moncrieff (VP Energy), and Annie Jarquin (Director, Energy) to hear the synthesis of our recent thought leadership encompassing the impact of COVID-19 on various lubricants markets and lessons learned to date, and questions that emerge as we think ahead. The webinar is followed by a Q&A.

While the situation remains fluid, asking the right questions is as, or possibly even more, important than having definitive answers. We hope this webinar will be a start of an ongoing dialogue, which will bring us together and improve our collective thinking on challenges and opportunities facing our industry.

Access this webinar to learn about:

1. Understanding the implications of C19 impact on lubes by country and what themes/differences we see when comparing markets/industries.

2. Impact of C19 on base oils and what we can learn about base oil procurement strategy and the implications of differing strategies on blenders

3. What are the right questions to be asking to understand the “new normal” and how this will impact your business? What structural market changes have taken place, or will take place, that will directly impact how lube companies do business now and in the future?


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