Personal Care Ingredients: A Comprehensive Look at the Specialty Actives and Delivery Systems Markets

July 20, 2023

The segment of active ingredients in the personal care industry is experiencing rapid growth, fueled by the rising consumer demand for effective products that meet their individual needs. Moreover, the growing importance of sustainability is driving various market trends, such as upscaling, minimalism, and the use of multifunctional ingredients. In line with this, delivery systems are gaining increased attention as they aim to protect, stabilize, and enhance the delivery of active ingredients.

Watch the webinar, as our experts integrate valuable insights from our Specialty Actives in Personal Care Global study and Delivery Systems in Personal Care report, into an insightful presentation, which will help you:

- Get the full picture of the specialty actives market, as well as an overview of the market by region and ingredient type
- Discover main trends driving the active ingredients market in personal care
- Understand the delivery systems market and its value chain



Kunal Mahajan

Project Manager,
Chemicals Practice

Carlos Ruiz

Project Manager,
Chemicals Practice