Delivery Systems in Personal Care: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2022
Published: June 2023
Regional Coverage: Global

Product activity is a key market driver in the personal care industry. While it has evidently benefited the active ingredients market significantly, another segment has grown concurrently—delivery systems.
Personal care formulators are seeking product differentiation based on activity, and delivery systems increasingly hold importance in this need for differentiation.


  • Consumption of key delivery systems
  • Core ingredient analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Value chain analysis
  • Trends impacting the delivery systems market
  • Technology overview
  • Forecast consumption within a five-year timeframe

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

Delivery systems by type

For each delivery systems category, the following information is provided:

  • Overview and market value
  • Price/Cost analysis
  • Application and core ingredient analysis
  • Competitive structure and value chain
  • Purpose of the delivery system (biofunctional vs aesthetic)


Analysis of the trends impacting the delivery systems market

Technology overview

Description and analysis of the technologies used to create delivery systems

Supplier profiles

Ten profiles of key identified companies across the delivery systems value chain

Liposomes and other
phospholipid-based systems
Encapsulation (microcapsules and millicapsules) Other delivery systems
Liposomes Carbohydrate (starches cyclodextrins, celluloses, gums, and polyaminosaccharides) Beads​
Nanosomes Polymeric (polyacrylates, polyamides, stearates, and waxes) Micro-sponges
Nanotopes ​Inorganic (silicates and clays) Patches​​
Niosomes Protein/peptides (collagen, gelatin, and others) Films

Scope & Benefits

This report provides marketing and product managers within the personal care ingredients industry with an understanding of the evolution of the delivery systems market globally. It also offers:

  • Identification of the different types of delivery system, understanding its use, application, and functionality
  • An analysis of the value chain and technologies used, allowing subscribers to develop the appropriate business strategy to follow growth or protect share
  • Forecasts of scenarios from which to base solid strategic business plans

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