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What Keeps the Professional Nail Care Market Vibrant?

While some rooted trends, such as the uprise of polygels and the move toward natural and organic formulations, make further inroads, the professional nail care market continues to witness new trends. They include innovation in traditional hard gels with new packaging and application formats, along with the onset of CBD.

The polygels segment continues to witness new entrants, such as the NSI Balance LED/UV PolyPaste range in four shades and the Ikon and IQ Nails’ Polytek Polymer Gel in eight shades.

Demand for natural and organic products continues to gain momentum in the professional nail care market as consumers in general become more conscious of the beauty products they use on their skin. Light Elegance introduces its first all-natural spa line—Q&Lu Spa Essentials—infused with bamboo. Entity Beauty introduces the Argan Oil collection, featuring five SKUs: cuticle drops, body oil spray, massage butter, lotion, and a gel scrub. Salt of the Earth’s 2019 spring and summer collection, comprised of four SKUs, is formulated with green tea lemongrass. Simply Pure Cosmetics introduces the Gel-Off Express, which removes gel polish within five minutes without the need for cotton, foil, or scraping and is a faster and healthier alternative to acetone.

After a few lackluster years in the traditional hard gels segment, innovation has come in the form of a new packaging and delivery format for the product type. In 2019, Young Nails introduces the Synergy Gel Precision Applicator. The product line, available in four shades, allows for the hard gel to be dispensed directly onto the nail from the tube. Along the same lines, Cuccio introduces its existing T3 LED/UV Gel in a controlled tube for ease of application.

nail care market trends

The CBD trend is entering the professional nail care arena as well, with salons and nail bars beginning to offer CBD-based nail services. Topical application of CBD helps alleviate pain and muscle soreness and promotes relaxation. Commonly used CBD brands in salons and nail bars include Kush Queen and Siskiyou Sungrown.

For a more in-depth analysis on the market, please refer to our  Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief, which covers the trends and developments across four key categories—care products, gels, nail enhancements, and nail polishes—and five major regions—Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America, and Rest of World. The report also features an in-depth country analysis of eight major country markets—the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, China, and Japan.

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