Which Categories are Faring Well for the U.S. Hair Tools and Appliances Market?

Which Categories are Faring Well for the U.S. Hair Tools and Appliances Market?

Trimmers and clippers emerged as the strongest category in the U.S. hair tools and appliances market during 2020as many consumers turned to home kits to cut their hair. The revelation comes from Kline’s soon-to-be-published Hair Tools and Appliances: United States Market Analysis and Opportunities report, which covers both the professional and retail channels and three major categories: hair dryers, hot tools, and trimmers and clippers. 

While the U.S. market for hair tools and appliances declined by approximately 1% in 2020, suffering from low demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some categories did exceptionally well and prevented a further decline for the overall market. 

Comprised of a variety of products including straighteners, curling irons and rods, and other styling products, hot tools was the leading category, witnessing a great deal of innovation surrounding hot brusheswith many marketers launching new products. The multi-tasking capabilities of hot brushes are key in reducing styling time, catering to consumers’ continued desire for a quick and easy routine. Hair dryers/blowersthe second-leading category, was the only one to record a decline; this was due to a rise in unemployed and furloughed workers, coupled with the majority of Americans working from home greatly reducing the need for hair dryers. 

Trimmers and clippers, the smallest category, witnessed unprecedented growth through 2020, largely due to social distancing guidelines and the temporary shutdown of salons. The category witnessed strong demand from consumers in the retail channel. Clippers found more success in the market compared to trimmers, largely due to their ease of use. 

The retail channel was the leading distribution channelStrong growth in hot brushes, found in the hot tools category, as well as clippers and trimmers, helped sales advance in the channel, according to our Hair Tools and Appliances report. The professional channel, holding relatively small sales share in the market, was especially impacted by temporary lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, resulting in salon closures for several months throughout the United States.  

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