Which Categories are Succeeding and Which are Falling Behind in Professional Hair Color

Which Categories are Succeeding and Which are Falling Behind in Professional Hair Color?

Hair color remains a key pillar of the professional hair care market, showing a dynamic performance with global growth of almost 5% in 2022, according to our upcoming report. One product type that has been rising in popularity is demi-permanent color, thanks to its gentle way to achieve a vibrant hair color.

Early findings from our Professional Hair Color: Global Market Snapshot report show that Redken, with its Shades EQ line, is the market leader in this category. However, Wella registered higher increases, accredited to its recent launch of Shinefinity, a demi-permanent hair color that claims to provide up to 100% more shine than traditional permanent color.

“In their quest to better cater to consumers’ needs for shinier and healthier hair, marketers started launching products that classify themselves as glosses,” says Agnieszka Saintemarie, Director in Kline’s Beauty and Wellbeing sector. Some recent launches that were picked up by our Professional Hair Care Intelligence Center include:

Despite the positive performance of demi-permanent color, not all categories were equally optimistic. One of them is bleaches, which shifted from a fast-growing to a slow-growing category, particularly in the United States. According to Kline PRO, our salon retail products and services database, this slowdown was also reflected in the services performed in the U.S. salons, where the overall lightening segment declined in service revenues by almost 4% in 2022. Additionally, the service count decreased even further by 9%.
Our upcoming report quantifies sales and growth of hair coloring products in key markets globally, providing detailed segmentation by product type. It serves as an invaluable resource to benchmark offerings against other players, as well as to identify growth opportunities across markets.

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