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Who Defines the New Level of Natural?

With more brands than ever declaring themselves natural or clean, the natural beauty movement is expected to continue its strong growth. As we begin research on the new Natural Personal Care Global Series: Market Analysis and Opportunities, we take a look at rising trends in the market, such as the ever-growing confusion surrounding what makes a product clean or natural. With market coverage spanning across new regions, such as Asia, Europe, and Latin America, we take a deep dive into the key trendsetters, brands, and market-movers and use our proprietary rating system for the assessment of the naturalness of these brands and their rating on our new and improved rating scale.

In the United States, indie brands, such as those covered in our Beauty’s 100 Favorite Brands: Analysis of Booming Independent Brands in the United States, pioneer the new standards of natural using ingredient exclusion lists or hero ingredients to establish their positioning in the market. Wave-making newcomers, such as Bawdy Beauty and Tula, promote transparency in formulas and continue to research ingredients to create the safest formulas available.

Other naturally positioned brands covered in the report include Frank Body and skyn ICELAND, which promote their hero ingredients such as coffee and Icelandic waters. These ingredients, which are often coupled with ingredient exclusion lists, promote the naturalness of the product, regardless of whether greenwashing is taking place. With updates to our Proprietary Naturalness Rating System to account for the growing number of clean brands in the market, our 2019 report will divide the market to reveal the size and movement of the clean, nature-inspired, and truly natural brands.

CBD continues to be a hero ingredient in the natural personal care market across all channels of distribution, raging from luxury and mass to masstige. Spa marketers themselves have started to tap into this lucrative market that digitally native and luxe brands have already started to explore. Brands like Babor and Naturopathica incorporate CBD into their offerings throughout the year, while spas take the art of relaxation to a whole new level with the addition of CBD-infused treatments. The second edition of our Cannabis Beauty: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities report will dive into this new, flourishing beauty corner, assessing key trends, new products, packaging and formulations, retail channels, and the market’s regulatory status.

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Written by Kline’s beauty experts: Naira Aslanian, Dana Kreutzer, and Alyssa Behrendt

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