Natural Beauty and Personal Care Acquisitions

Who’s Next: A Look at Natural Personal Care Acquisitions (Part Two)

The popularization of ethical and healthy lifestyles in Europe and the United States has made its way to Brazil. The demand for cruelty-free, vegan, and organic products is growing, and consumers embrace brands promoting a socially and environmentally responsible message. Lately, brands and product lines with natural claims have swarmed the Brazilian market, posting strong sales growth of 10% in 2019, according to our recently published Natural Personal Care Global Series.

Lola Cosmetics’ focus is on the vegan and cruelty-free hair care, skin care, and makeup categories, with an emphasis on natural ingredients and formulations free of harmful and controversial ingredients. The Brazilian brand has a strong presence on social media, with content dissemination on women’s empowerment as well as awareness of sustainable consumption. The brand registered gains of nearly 18% in 2019, well above the market average.

Simple Organic saw tremendous growth in 2019, doubling its sales. The brand gained space in the Brazilian market when it focused on the fashion market, an area not yet explored by clean cosmetics brands, through participation in fashion shows and other events. Simple Organic’s portfolio focuses on gender-neutral makeup and skin care products; it also stands out because of its position on social media, with content aimed at empowerment.

In Europe, consumption of natural personal care products has evolved to eco-consumption, whereby the choice of a natural brand is not solely related to product ingredients but to an individual’s lifestyle, wellness, and ethics. Netherland-based We Love the Planet portrays a unique product with unusual packaging—cream deodorants in cans that are reusable or recyclable. The brand was able to enter the U.K. market in 2019 and is overall achieving double-digit growth in Europe.

Waterless beauty is another key trend that is rapidly picking up in Europe, with brands such as Clockface launching several new products in this space. Despite being a young luxury brand, Clockface—founded by a mother/daughter team—showed fast growth and was a finalist in both the 2019 Global Beauty awards and in the 2019 Europe Natural and Organic Awards. Our Natural Personal Care Global Series report paints a clear picture of the fastest-growing natural personal care brands in each market with details on their offerings, marketing activity, distribution model, sales, and more. It also provides rankings on their degree of naturalness using our unique Proprietary Naturalness Rating System.

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