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What lies ahead for the professional cleaning industry? In this highlights report, Kline is offering valuable insights and predictions for the future of the industry. Download your copy to ensure you are fully prepared for the upcoming year. Below is a quick rundown of the major trends:

1- Strong focus on health and safety, including surface disinfection and hand hygiene
2- Staff shortages fueling the demand for tools that help staff stay efficient
3- Decreased demand in the office sector hindering the demand for cleaning products
4- Growing demand for automation and IoT
5- Rising interest in sustainability, including plant-based ingredients and sustainable fibers in wipes, reducing water and energy consumption, use of renewable energy, and recycled packaging, among other environmental impacts

Kline is uniquely positioned to deliver forward-looking, data-driven insights and strategies in the professional cleaning industry. We harness the power of our industry expertise with advanced skillsets and AI tools to bring more certainty to the future. Learn more about our predictive insights and forecasting solutions.

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