Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Wipes: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities

Regional Coverage: United States

Base Year: 2021
Published March 2022
Forecasts to 2026

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Base Year: 2023
To be Published: Q2 2024
Forecasts to 2028

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I&I cleaning wipes represent effective and convenient tools that professional end users rely on for their ease of use, convenience, and ability to quickly disinfect and sanitize. It is crucial for professional cleaning companies to understand the role wipes play in overall building sanitation and cleaning, how the market has reacted to the pandemic, and what future opportunities exist.


  • Size the market by product, end use, and supplier, including wet wipes and dry wipers
  • Analyze which segments are growing at the fastest pace
  • Assess current market and future outlook for key product categories and end-use segments
  • Gain perspective on growth using Kline’s historical sales estimates and uncover future opportunities for growth with forecasts through 2028
  • Structured research with over 600 end users to understand critical buying factors, usage, product form preferences, and anticipated spending changes
  • Learn about end users’ needs and how they buy and use wipes
  • Understand settings or cleaning tasks where end users opt for wipes versus traditional cleaning chemicals
  • Full analysis of the role of wipes in facility operations and cleaning

Table of Contents


  • Scope and geographic regions
  • Sources and methods
  • Rounding and assumptions
  • Limitations

Executive Summary

  • Situation analysis
  • Key trends
  • Market size and segmentation
  • Analysis of consumption by:
    • End-use segments (Table 1)
    • Suppliers (Table 2)
    • Product classes/categories (Table 3)
  • Sustainability trends
  • Trends and opportunities
  • Competitive landscape
  • Distribution channels
  • End user survey response data on spending
  • Outlook and appraisal through 2028

End-Use Segment Profiles

Pertinent information and insightful analysis for each of the 10 major end-use segments listed in Table 1. The following information is provided:

  • Introduction
  • Key market trends
  • Market size and growth
  • Product usage
  • Distribution channels
  • Critical buying factors
  • Structure of the industry
  • Outlook to 2028
Building service contractors​ ​​​Lodging establishments
Fitness facilities ​​​Schools and universities (includes K-12 and campus dining)
Foodservice (fast-food/QSRs, fast-casual, full-service restaurants, and workplace cafeterias) ​​​​Recreational facilities-a
​​Healthcare (hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, nursing homes/skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, physicians’ and dentists’ offices) Retailers
​​Industrial facilities and office buildings Miscellaneous end users-b
a- Includes amusement parks, bowling alleys, concert halls, country and golf clubs, movie theaters, museums, sporting arenas, and others.
b- Includes bars, pubs, craft breweries, wineries, and other miscellaneous end users.

Supplier Profiles

Profiles of the leading 20 suppliers of wipes are shown in Table 2. Profiles include a description of the company, sales of wipes by product class, a description of the product portfolio, and news of recent developments.

Product Category Profiles

General information on the major product categories are listed in Table 3. The following information is provided:

  • Applications, definitions, and brands
  • Dollar sales by category
  • Sales by end-use segment
  • Sales by supplier
  • Forecast sales to 2028

End-User Response Data

A summary of survey results for the overall market and each end-use segment, including:

  • Survey goals and specifications
  • Usage of disposable wipes
  • Preferred cleaning methods
  • Purchase factors
  • Brand awareness
  • Purchase channels
  • Active ingredients in disinfecting wipes
  • Packaging
  • Dispensers
  • Spending
  • Size of facilities
3M ​​ITW Pro Brands
Berry Global Kimberly-Clark Professional
Clorox Professional Products ​​ ​​Metrex
​Contec​ ​​​New Pig
Diamond Wipes​ Newell Rubbermaid
Diversey​ PDI/Sani Professional
​Ecolab ​​​Procter & Gamble Professional
​Essity ​​​Progressive Products
​Glatfelter ​​​Reckitt Professional


Disposable floor dusting microfiber mops ​​​Hand-cleaning wipes
Disposable wet/damp floor cleaning microfiber mops ​​​​Hand-sanitizing wipes
Reusable microfiber mops  
​​General-purpose cleaning wipes Absorption wipers
​​Disinfectant and sanitizer wipes Dry nonwoven wipers
​​Glass-cleaning wipes Dry electronics wipers
​​Furniture polish wipes

Report Benefits

This report, written for a diverse audience, serves as an excellent resource for manufacturers and formulators of I&I cleaning wipes. Specifically, it assists subscribers by providing:

  • A highly reliable, comprehensive assessment of the market based on hundreds of structured surveys of end-use decision makers and in-depth interviews with suppliers and distributors
  • Insights to help understand market dynamics, identify opportunities and challenges, and ultimately improve the competitive position
  • An objective assessment of key trends, changes, and challenges, and five-year forecast for I&I cleaning wipes

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