Personal Care Ingredients: Where the Opportunities Lie Post COVID-19

Personal Care Ingredients: Where the Opportunities Lie Post COVID-19

While the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted overall demand for personal care ingredients, some segments fared better than others. With our finger on the pulse of the personal care ingredients market, here’s our take on where the opportunities lie.  

 “Personal care ingredients will play a vital role in the economic recovery of countries post COVID-19,” says Kunal Mahajan, Project Manager in our Chemicals & Energy practice. “As such, companies that manufacture these ingredients are well-positioned to experience opportunities in the short term. Evonik, BASF, Ashland, and Symrise are among those we’re keeping our eye on.” 


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Best of PC and HI&I 2021

Ingredients in Personal Care and HI&I Cleaning Markets: Top 5 Picks for 2021

While the COVID-19 pandemic took a bite out of the Ingredients in Personal Care and HI&I Cleaning markets, including shutting down manufacturing operations and disrupting supply chains around the world, it also brought about some positive developments. For example, the increasing consumer focus on healthier personal care ingredients and cleaning chemicals is expected to fuel substantial growth going forward.
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Sustainable Personal Care Ingredients Trending in Africa

Sustainable Personal Care Ingredients and a Local Focus Trending in Africa

Strong GDP and Population Growth 

The market for personal care products in Africa is set to grow at a massive pace due to population increases. Already, the continent has the highest population growth in the world at a staggering 2.7% annually; if the trend persists, population is set to double by 2050, and Africa will be home to a quarter of the world’s population.  

In addition, Africa’s overall GDP increase is broadening the market for personal care products as the African middle class grows.  

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institutional cleaning market trends

Demand for Cleaning Chemicals Skyrockets as Cleaning Takes on New Significance 

The household, industrial, and institutional (HI&I) cleaning chemicals market is an area of great potential for chemical suppliers. The growth in sales of cleaning products and thus ingredients consumption in household cleaning products is soaring during the COVID-19 pandemic’s phase of extreme sanitization.  Globally, the household segment dominates this industry with more than a 77% share in ingredients sales value.  Convenient formats, including more sustainable products that obtain efficient results, drive demand and future development of this segment.  

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surfactants personal care ingredient

A Brief Look at Surfactants in Personal Care During the COVID-19 Outbreak

As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economic outlook is also uncertainOne thing that is certain is that even under lockdown, people will continue to use essential personal care products. For thareason, these types of products will be less affected.  

There will also be sharp levels of growth in some essential product categories, such as hand sanitizers and liquid soaps, as they are now needed more than ever. However, there are many products that are not as buoyant. Ingredient groups, such as ultraviolet absorbers, pigments, and hair fixative polymers, which are used in sun care products, makeup products, and hair styling products, respectively, could be the hardest hit. 

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conditioning polymers

Conditioning Polymers Are at Risk as Some Personal Care Products Take a Hit 

As COVID-19 continues to have a negative impact on the personal care industryconditioning polymers are expected to be among the least-resilient ingredients in the category. 

Losses within the personal care industry are expected to vary from one product category to another. For example, demand for soaps, hand and body lotions, and hand sanitizers is expected to grow during the pandemic as the importance of hygiene increases. Similarly, demand for oral care products is not expected to be impacted, as people will continue to use them regularly. On the other hand, demand for hair styling products is expected to decline. 

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emollients most resilient ingredient group

Emollients are Among the Least COVID-19-Impacted Ingredient Groups in Personal Care  

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, it continues to impact global markets, including personal care. While many personal care products are essential, others are not, including products for which consumers will make alternate choices. Consequentlythe pandemic is expected to adversely impact the demand for personal care ingredients. However, the impact is expected to vary from one product category to another.

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HI&I cleaning applications

Key Growth Forces in the Chinese HI&I Ingredient Market 

The market of ingredients for household, industrial, and institutional (HI&I) cleaning applications is going through changes across all regions of the world. Innovation in dosage forms, increasing disposable income in developing countries, the growing importance of the green movement, and environmental regulations are some of the key trends driving those changes. Herewith, we are highlighting some insights into the Chinese market from our HI&I study, scheduled to be published in Q4 2020.  

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