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Home Fragrance Goes Digital on Cyber Monday

As the traditional post-Thanksgiving shopping rush commences on Black Friday, the new tradition for many savvy shoppers is to rush to their laptops, tablets, or smartphone and shop away today, on Cyber Monday. Many consumers will have most likely received special shopping invitations in advance with a “save the date” to get online savings for their favorite candle, diffuser or home fragrance gift. This is good news for the home fragrance market, where e-commerce sales delivered a 26% increase last year, the most impressive growth for a mature market like this.Continue reading

The Market for Home Fragrances

The Market for Home Fragrances: Status Quo or Raising the Bar?

Ever feel like a quick pick-me-up? Needing something to help you sleep more soundly? A fragrance that triggers your favorite childhood memory? Home fragrance marketers are banking on generating emotion from memories of good times with new fragrance collections ranging from Febreze’s Sleep Serenity Collection of bedtime diffusers to Air Wick’s Familiar Favorites collection featuring Baby Magic, Snuggles, and Cinnabon scents. In 2013 scent preferences underline the classic appeal of nature-themed, and subtle fragrances, like “water,” “beach,” “air,” and “linen” are emerging as the most popular home fragrances, overtaking “floral,” “fruity,” “seasonal,” “spices,” and “masculine” fragrances.Continue reading

Green Means Go for Beauty: Natural Personal Care Market Still Booms

Green Means Go for Beauty: Natural Personal Care Market Still Booms

At nearly $30 billion globally in sales, the green beauty concept perseveres. The positive progress of the natural cosmetics market in 2013 assured marketers that global consumers remain drawn towards this trend. Marketing investments, new product developments, and the efforts of certifying agencies such as BDiH, Cosmebio, and Natrue to shed better light on the transparency of ingredients used by marketers in their product manufacture have all contributed to the global increase in sales of natural cosmetics by 10.6% in 2013. While the growing demand of consumers opens new doors of opportunity for more marketers to become a part of the trend, the increased competition makes it more difficult to join the market with no risks. Natural cosmetics consumers are becoming more selective, conscious of their product choice, and take a greater interest in understanding the quality and origin of ingredients.
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Home Fragrance Market

The Home Fragrance Market and the Smell of Success

An interview with Karen Doskow, Kline’s Director, Consumer Products, about our newest service, Shopper Insights Tracking Service for the U.S. Home Fragrances Market.

Q: After 14 years of publishing Home Fragrances: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities, what does this new service offer marketers and suppliers of home fragrance products?
A: It is different than our annual report insofar that its focus is on consumers. Shopper Insights Tracking Service for the U.S. Home Fragrances Market is the perfect consumer research resource for discovering pearls of information that can make a difference in marketing plans. These little jewels really uncover subtle nuances in consumer behavior and attitudes, such as a preference for masculine fragrances versus florals. We found that our consumer research findings contradict some commonly held beliefs about these fragrance types.Continue reading

Holiday Home Fragrances

Making Scents of Holiday Home Fragrances

As 2013 comes to a close, I made my traditional round of store checks to sniff out some holiday home fragrance offerings. Being in South Florida, how is it not possible to be in a jolly mood with the weather so wonderful, far away from the Northeast’s snow and freezing temperatures?

From ribbed colored glass candles at Pier 1 to oversized metallic filled candles at Walmart, there appeared to be something to light up the season for all budgets. The household aisle, where mass marketers traditionally showcase their wares, was adorned with holiday/winter collections from Glade, Febreze, and AirWick. I became lost in the differences between Frasier Fir, Christmas Wreath, Glistening Pine, and Shimmering Spruce – how can anyone choose given this forest of variants?Continue reading

At $29+ Billion, the Global Natural Personal Care Market is Naturally Strong

At $29+ Billion, the Global Natural Personal Care Market is Naturally Strong

Despite variable economic conditions, the natural personal care market continues to see strong growth, posting a healthy 10.6% increase globally to reach USD 29.5 billion at the manufacturers’ level in 2013. Brazil and particularly China are the fastest-growing natural personal care markets, with sales in China increasing nearly 24% in 2013 and slowly challenging the United States’ global market share.

Growth within mature markets, driven by the large number of brands present in the regions competing on products, price, and product efficacy, remains impressive as exemplified by a 7% increase in the United States and 6% in Europe.Continue reading

Natural Personal Care

Natural Personal Care Market: Where are the Budding Opportunities?

The global natural personal care market has been consistently flourishing; however, over the past five years, growth numbers have settled and many factors including a focus on new natural ingredients, the opening of new channels of distribution, and the general – and segment-advantageous – consumer movement demanding greater transparency in labeling. While growth within mature markets has stabilized, it remains encouragingly impressive as exemplified by a 7% increase in the United States and 6%in Europe. Other markets are managing even more promising numbers.Continue reading

Home Fragrances Market and Shopper Insights in the U.S.

Attend Kline’s Free Webinar on Home Fragrances Market and Shopper Insights in the United States

This timely webinar shares insights gleaned from Kline’s recently published Home Fragrances: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities report. With this market recently generating its highest recorded sales, now is certainly the time to pick up its scent. Moreover, early signs of intended consumer spending as indicated in the findings from our complementary Home Fragrances Shopper Survey show that a healthy majority of consumers plan to spend more on home fragrance products than they did last year. Home Fragrances: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities provides a comprehensive analysis of the U.S. market for home fragrances, focusing on market size and growth, key trends, challenges, and business opportunities. Continue reading

Nutritional products create buzz with several M&A deals in the OTC Market

Nutritional products create buzz with several M&A deals in the OTC market

The overall OTC market has not shown much excitement as of late, especially with low to no growth, manufacturing plant shut downs and brand recalls.  However, in the nutritional products segment of the market, there is rapid growth and excitement and there have been several high profile acquisitions in this space recently showing that many companies are moving into this area in order to bolster their traditional OTC businesses. In late 2012, Reckitt Benckiser and Bayer dueled for Schiff with Reckitt Benckiser the victor after bidding over $1 billion for the maker of MoveFree.Continue reading

Natural Products: OTC and Personal Care

Getting the Inside Data: Exceeding the Limits of Natural Personal Care Research

Over the past five years, the global natural personal care market has experienced strong growth across all major markets of the world, at a CAGR of about 11%. However, companies can no longer count on unbridled growth, and must dig deeper into how to influence new customers to buy natural products.

A previous Kline study from the Consumer Insights series, focused on consumer perceptions of innovations in personal care products, has shown that awareness of environmental responsibility is perceived as lacking in companies. Continue reading