Exploring Cosmoprof Bologna 2024 Trends, Talks, and Tech

Exploring Cosmoprof Bologna 2024: Trends, Talks, and Tech

Several members of our team—including Pilar Pardo, Senior Account Manager, Clément Perpignan, Senior Analyst, and Giorgi Zarnadze, Senior Consultant—joined thousands of industry professionals from around the world at the 2024 edition of Cosmoprof Bologna. From unveiling cutting-edge hair tools to introducing eco-conscious formulations, the event highlighted the beauty industry’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, aligning with the evolving consumer demands.

Clément Perpignan, Kline’s Beauty and Wellbeing Senior Analyst, took the stage in a panel discussion titled “Landing Your Beauty Message in a Fragmented and Saturated Market” moderated by Mary Rector, Founder of BEHINDTHECHAIR. Joined by Founders of Luna Magic and Bonnie Beauty, as well as an established Italian content creator, Clément delved into the impact of digitalization and social media on the beauty industry.

“Countries such as China and the United States are leading the way in digital innovation within the beauty industry, particularly evident in the remarkable surge of social commerce. Conversely, markets such as Japan and Italy adopt a more cautious approach to digitization. Take TikTok for instance. While brands in China and the United States have fully embraced it, some European counterparts are just beginning to explore its potential,” comments Perpignan.

Cosmo talks pic

On the right, Clément Perpignan, Kline’s Beauty and Wellbeing Senior Analyst, at CosmoTalks Bologna

The exhibition floor buzzed with innovation and creativity, featuring standout innovations such as Dyson‘s Supersonic R hair dryer, designed with professional stylists’ needs in mind. Its name comes from its shape, which aims to provide a more ergonomic and lighter alternative to traditional dryers. In addition, it utilizes radio frequency identification to ensure the delivery of optimal airflow and temperature.

Dyson Supersonic R Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic R Hair Dryer

In addition to pioneering technological advancements, brands continue to increasingly prioritize sustainability and eco-conscious initiatives. A significant trend observed at the event was the overhaul of packaging, with Italian brands leading the charge. Davines and Insight stood out as prime examples, showcasing refillable care products and transitioning from plastic to glass packaging, respectively.

Hair loss treatments remain a focal point in the professional hair care market. Our latest data revealed that products targeting hair loss were the most sought-after within the scalp care segment, representing nearly 38% of total sales in 2022. Notably, CosmeRNA‘s Anti-Hair Loss Tonic, featuring SAMiRNA technology targeting hair loss at the follicle level, garnered significant attention at the show.

CosmeRNA's Anti-Hair Loss Tonic

CosmeRNA’s Anti-Hair Loss Tonic

As we gear up to release the latest data on more than 30 professional hair care markets, we are excited to announce a webinar focusing on the winning professional hair care brands in China, Europe, the United States, and Brazil. Join our industry experts to discover which brands are leveraging strategies to boost their sales the most, whether through channel or category positioning or new product launches.

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