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What does the future hold for the beauty and wellbeing industry? In this highlights report, Kline’s experts unveil four hot trends that are set to make waves in 2024 and beyond, with a particular emphasis on the professional beauty sector.

Take a sneak peek into each trend to discover the innovators that are steering the course and the key implications that will shape the industry's trajectory. Explore the key role that social media platforms play in the emergence and continuity of each trend using Kline’s Trend Predictor Tool.

Check out the report to learn more about the current and future impact of each trend, including:

  1. Opulence: The trend of celebrating inner happiness through physical beauty is being driven by consumers seeking a luminous appearance as a means of radiance for indulgence and luxury in self-care and beauty routines.
  2. AI/Digital: The professional beauty industry is undergoing a significant transformation with the integration of AI, reshaping consumer experiences and fundamentally changing how individuals interact with beauty services, treatments, and personalized recommendations.
  3. Social commerce: Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have evolved into vibrant marketplaces where beauty enthusiasts not only seek inspiration and advice but also make instant purchases based on trusted recommendations. This highlights the growing impact of social commerce in the beauty sector.
  4. Age-agnostic beauty: Consumers are inspired to embrace their unique selves regardless of their age, championing the idea of aging authentically and gracefully. Pre-teens who are captivated by skin care routines pose a challenge for brands to guide them in selecting suitable products for their skin.

Replay our Beauty Trend Foresight: 2024 and Beyond webinar, where our experts, Dana Kreutzer and Max Kaye, discuss each trend, with a special focus on the age-agnostic beauty trend, which is expected to hold the highest significance in the next few years.

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