Expo Beauty Barcelona 2023

Exploring Sustainable and Innovative Beauty Products at Expo Beauty Barcelona

Expo Beauty Barcelona was a vibrant event that brought together some of the most talented hairstylists, barbers, makeup and nail artists, as well as renowned brands and beauty professionals from around the world. More than 1000 local and international players revealed their latest product introductions for 2023, while popular stylists in the industry showcased new techniques through live demonstrations, featuring creative hairstyles, makeups, and nail designs. 

According to Diego Fernando Plata, a Researcher in Kline’s Beauty and Wellbeing sector,  “The event was truly fascinating, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and innovation.” Several new launches were geared around two of the largest product categories – hair coloring, and shampoos and conditioners – and here are ten of the most interesting ones that caught our eye: 

1.  Periche Professional strengthens its commitment to the planet through its newly launched lines: Secret Plans, a vegan hair care line, and Periche Personal 4.0, a new generation of dyes with a low ammonia ratio, claiming to improve penetration and color fixation.   

2. Truss Professional made waves with its Deluxe Prime and Infusion, two hair care lines claiming to recover the shine of fibers, while reconstructing damaged hair.  

3. Joico featured Lumishine, a hair coloring line comprised of more than 15 tones, with the promise to restore hair’s shine in just a few minutes. 

4. Olaplex presented its N°4D Clean Volume Detox Dry Shampoo, designed to target the excess oil camping on the scalp and restore the broken bonds in the hair. 

5. Artero unveiled its new curvy scissors design, specifically with the needs of curly hair in mind.  

6. Natural Haircare showcased its Creative Mix line that focuses on live colors. 

7. Naturalmente presented its latest organic color line, Color Plant Flower, made exclusively from plants and flowers from organic and biodynamic crops. 

8. Maxybelt launched hair care products based on milk protein and vegetable extracts, targeting the growing natural product segment of the market. 

9. Masglo introduced the new formulation of Masglo Plus, its vegan semi-permanent gel polish with more than 28 high pigmentation and extreme shine colors. 

10. Onyx unveiled its new high-quality and pigmentation UV/gel color line with three products: Briggite, Royal Fuchs, and Heather.  

Training and education also played a key part in the event with workshops and informative talks revolving around key trends and innovations that are driving the professional beauty industry forward. In addition, the Gaudí Beauty Awards has once again recognized outstanding talents in the industry whose work has contributed to the progress of the industry. This year, Alberto Cerdán, Àngel Farriols Cócera, Gemma Lagunas, Jordi Solerdelcoll, Sergio Zarzoso, and Roberto Ruiz Odriozola received the award for their exemplary careers.   

Salon Hair Care Global Series provides a deep understanding of the various dynamics, competitive forces, and key trends in 29 markets. The 25th edition of the report is now underway and features advanced forecasting, new markets such as Romania and Baltics, as well as add-on modules covering key topics such as professional hair color, independent stylists, scalp care, and more. Additionally, our Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief covers hard-to-track segments such as care products, gels, long-wear nail polishes, nail enhancements, and traditional nail polishes. 

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