Four Key Themes of Cosmoprof North America 2022: Self-Care, Customization, Sustainability, and Dipping Powders

Four Key Themes of Cosmoprof North America 2022: Self-Care, Customization, Sustainability, and Dipping Powders

It was great to be back at Cosmoprof this year to visit with clients and see the industry’s newest brands and offerings. While big brands were notably absent from the show floor, there were countless new brands to discover. We saw many interesting offerings, which we grouped into the following themes:


The idea of self-care, do-it-yourself, and ‘better for you’ popped up in several ways. On the heels of the pandemic, some skin care brands—including Shielded and Fortify—touted germ-fighting protection. We also saw next-generation beauty devices offer improved design or function for at-home use, including Geske with its array of colors and designs at affordable prices and La Luer with its patented device that integrates six different technologies. Meanwhile, Reuzel has forayed into the world of tattoo care with a line of products that exfoliate, hydrate, and add shine to the tattooed skin.

Geske Beauty Devices                                                             TAT, Reuzel’s Tattoo Care Line

When it comes to nail care, some brands such as Orly featured breathable colors. We also met DIY nail care brand What’s Up, which offers an at-home nail care starter kit.

Orly Breathable 1-Step Manicure                                         What’s Up Nail Care Starter Kit


We saw offerings that allow salon professionals to make bespoke products and looks. The Alfalfa Nail Supply booth featured a nail polish machine by DreaMau, through which nail technicians can create an endless array of nail polish and gel polish shades. SNS featured its Air Ombre Nails spray-on technology, also allowing nail technicians to create numerous custom looks. On the hair care front, color depositing hair care company Celeb Luxury featured its custom blending bottle Colorwash, allowing hair colorists to create custom blends for clients to use at home between visits.

SNS Air Ombre                                                                           DreaMau Nail Polish Machine


As seen in our Natural & Clean Beauty Global Series report, clean claims continue to resonate strongly with consumers. There was an abundance of brands that purport to be clean or sustainable, along with a growing list of related claims such as vegan and gluten-free. Practically every booth we walked by touted these messages. Taking it a step further was AllWell Beauty, which is centered around the concept of upcycled beauty. Upcycling is the process of transforming byproducts and waste materials into new, greater-quality materials or products. AllWell Beauty formulates products using plant-based ingredients that are left over from other uses. Upcycling is already common in other industries such as food, clothing, and art, but this is one of the first to be seen in the beauty industry, and it has the potential to be the next big thing!

AllWell Beauty’s Upcycled Beauty Products

Dipping Powders

From our research in the Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief study, we already knew that dipping powders are currently the biggest thing on the market. This was evident as nearly every nail care brand featured dipping powders, including Not Polish, Evolution Nails, and Chisel Nail Art, which focus exclusively on dipping powders and nail enhancements.

Dipping Powders by Not Polish, Evolution Nail Products, and Chisel Nail Art

We will continue to keep an eye on these key themes through our extensive collection of reports on the beauty & personal care and professional beauty segments.

Written by Carrie Mellage, Vice President of Consumer Products and Kristy Altenburg, Director of Consumer Products Sales.

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