Kline PRO US 2018 Summary Report Now Published

Full Speed Ahead with Pro Hair Treatments

Treatments were the clear standouts in the U.S. professional salon industry for 2018. This holds true for in-salon treatment services, as well as treatment products sold by salons for consumers to use at home.

According to the Kline PRO US 2018 Summary Report, in-salon treatments saw an increase in both revenue and transaction count. Treatment services brought in 5% more revenue in 2018 than the year prior; this outpaced the total service market, which was up 2.2%.

The success of in-salon treatments can be attributed to a combination of higher demand coupled with a rise in the average price of a treatment, which went from $30.30 in 2017 to $31.32 in 2018. Adding to the equation is that the highest-priced treatment service, thinning hair treatment ($74.96), was up 16% in transaction count. Other treatments that added to the increase of category revenue were stand-alone bond builder treatments and clarifying treatments.

Top 5 Salon Treatment Services in the United States, 2018

  1. Conditioning treatment
  2. Bond builder treatment
  3. Thinning hair treatment
  4. Scalp treatment
  5. Clarifying treatment

Source: Kline PRO USA, Full Year 2018.

While many clients were willing to visit their stylist for treatment services, others preferred to treat their hair at home. The treatment category gained share within the salon retail sector this year. Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector remained the top-selling treatment item and resides in the repair/condition segment, which makes up 32% of category sales. Growth, however, was seen in products focused on smoothing/frizz control, curl care, and scalp care.

Leading New Treatment Items

Within the treatment category, detangling products experienced a surge in sales of +12% over last year. Key contributors include Unite 7Seconds Detangler, Glop & Glam Creamsicle Mist Moisturizing Detangler, and DevaCurl Wash Day Wonder Detangler.

Recently released data from the 21st edition of our annual Salon Hair Care Global Series report, which captures sales not only in salons but also sales of professional hair care brands in other channels such as e-commerce or brick-and-mortar retailers, also shows a nice bump in sales of treatments, which grew at almost 5% in the United States. Furthermore, the study confirms that Olaplex is definitely a star performer among brands reported thanks to new launches beyond the treatment category, namely Olaplex Step 4 and Step 5, as well as the expansion of sales in Sephora. The brand’s sales grew at over 50%, making Olaplex jump to the 8th position of biggest salon product marketers in the United States.

Understanding the ever-changing dynamics of salons is key to success for all factions of the industry. Kline PRO is a comprehensive online source that provides transaction-level data updated quarterly and supported by written summary reports helping to identify emerging trends, product novelties, and market and services dynamics, as well as the performance of a myriad of renowned as well as up-and-coming brands. The Kline PRO US 2018 Summary Report is now available and provides a more in-depth view by service type, product category, product type, and brand, along with details on top products.

This service and 2018 Summary Report are also available for the United Kingdom. To learn more about its various capabilities, please visit Kline PRO page or schedule a discovery demo.

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