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Rebound and Resilience

One of the key takeaways from COVID-19 is the importance of professional beauty services. All three sectors – professional hair care, skin care, and nail care realized good if not strong recovery*, fueled in part by pent up demand and a return to socialization. In fact, the US, mainland China, and four other major country markets for professional hair care achieved full recovery in 2021. Even more impressive, the professional skin care sectors exceeded all expectations and is on a phenomenal growth tear projected at near double-digit levels per year over the next several years. What’s driving this growth: rising consumer acceptance of aesthetic procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical, particularly those offered by medical practitioners, as well as spas and beauty institutes. The current health and positive outlook for this sector bodes well for industry participants.

While the well-established salon hair care sector has experienced bounce back, albeit not at the rate of professional skin care, innovations such as bond builders (i.e., the Olaplex “effect’) have created a new category and in this case a significant and impressive new competitor. One of the most important developments impacting the salon hair care sector is that business for consumer take-home products is shifting away from salons to both retail stores and ecommerce, and significant growth of independent stylists is also creating shift in demand for products for service provision. Inflation, particularly if prolonged, will temper salon hair care and the professional nail care sector as well.

*Source: Kline Professional Beauty reports; reference to total global sales.

Our Expertise

Kline is the global leader in market research and advisory consulting for the professional beauty industry. This originated with our legacy syndicated research on the U.S. salon hair care market, which is now a global professional hair care franchise with expertise for 70-plus country markets. We further built our pro practice with a significant move into the professional skin care market, which focuses on topical skin care products for service provision and consumer take-home use. Professional cosmetics was a logical extension to deliver comprehensive pro-beauty expertise. Adjacent areas of expertise include prescription dermatology and aesthetic injectibles.

Professional Hair Care Products

  • Conditioners
  • Shampoos
  • Hair colorants
  • Hair styling products
  • Hair tools, devices

Professional Skin Care Channels

  • Beauty Institutes
  • Medical care providers
  • Spas & Salons
  • Retail; ecommerce

Professional Cosmetic Products, Services

  • Color cosmetics
  • Nail care
  • Eye aesthetics (lash, brow)

Advisory Experience

Examples of our advisory experience are provided below. Please contact us to learn more about our project work and capabilities.

Professional Hair Care

  • M&A due diligence: commercial due diligence salon hair care brands (private equity)
  • M&A due diligence: commercial due diligence leading salon hair care company (leading CPG company)
  • M&A due diligence: salon hair care brand image and brand positioning in the USA and in the EU
  • Strategy support: channel expansion strategy for leading professional hair care brand
  • Market intelligence: competitive assessment of leading professional hair care company
  • Strategy support: professional channel distribution insights and strategic options for leading consumer hair care appliance

Professional Skin Care

  • M&A due diligence: commercial due diligence professional skin care brand (private equity)
  • M&A due diligence: commercial due diligence leading professional skin care companies (leading CPG company)
  • M&A advisory: screen and vet professional skin care brands (US and Europe)
  • Strategy support: ecommerce strategy for leading professional skin care brand
  • Market intelligence: competitive assessment of leading professional skin care company
  • Market intelligence: go to market channels and participation requirements (China)

Professional Cosmetics

  • M&A due diligence: commercial due diligence professional makeup brand
  • Strategy support: professional nail care growth strategy
  • Market intelligence: lash extender market assessment
  • Technology & innovation: aesthetic contact lens
  • Market intelligence:  brand attitude and use at aesthetic academies, beauty schools

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