PAO Market Outlook in the Age of Electrification: ​Global Market Analysis and Opportunities​

Base Year: 2020
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Regional Coverage: Global

The electric vehicle (EV) market is currently small but growing quitebriskly. The EV market will have an impact on the demand for engine oils since battery EVs (BEVs) do not use engine oils. This presents a growing threat to basestocks, including mineral-based and Group IV (or PAO) used to blend engine oils. This report analyzes how demand for PAOs will be impacted over the next 20 years, given the growing role of EVs. The report also discusses the growing opportunities for PAOs in alternate applications created by the proliferation of EVs.

Table of Contents


Various megatrends impacting finished lubricant demand

  • Electric mobility
  • Ride sharing
  • Sustainability and green hydrogen
  • PCMO formulation outlook
    Drivers of engine oil viscosity shifts
    Supply of Group III/III+ basestocks and PAO

    PAO demand: Current and outlook
    Supply and availability of different substitutes, their technical performance and pricing vis-à-vis brightstocks

    • By region
    • By application
    • By viscosity grade

    Emerging applications of PAOs in electric vehicles

    • Key properties of electric fluids and comparison of PAO vis-àvis other competing products
    • Current status of electric vehicle fluid market and outlook

    Subscriber Benefits

    This study serves as an excellent resource for lubricant basestock marketers, additive companies, and lubricant blenders. Specifically, this study assists subscribers by:

    • Developing an understanding of drivers and barriers for electrification and the likely penetration of EVs
    • Providing the impact analysis of electrification on global engine oil demand and the resultant impact on PAO.
    • Presenting the outlook for PAO in context of reducing demand from engine oils and potential demand for application in EV fluids

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