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These Skin-Saving Products Were Just Unveiled at Beauty Forum Munich

Beauty Forum Munich — touted as the largest autumn professional beauty fair in the DACH region — returned this year, to much fanfare. After a two-year absence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, much had changed — including the fact that the more than 1,460 exhibitors and 15,000 visitors were wearing face masks.   

“On the heels of an extremely difficult year, the event provided an especially wonderful opportunity for in-person interactions with industry players in the professional skin care and nail care segments,” says Marina Drobnjak, a senior analyst at Kline & Company. It also gave those players an opportunity to unveil their latest beauty devices. 

At-Home Devices

Klapp Cosmetics Micro-needling at-home set

Klapp Cosmetics Micro-needling at-home set

The professional skin care market has experienced profound changes due to the pandemic, including the shift to e-commerce and the substantial increase in the number of products intended for at-home use.

Prior to the pandemic, devices and products were primarily used together in professional settings such as beauty institutes. However, we are now also seeing small devices being utilized at home. This at-home trend has also been evident in the increased number of skin care products that have launched with accompanying beauty devices. Prior to the pandemic, professional skin care manufacturers introduced the products individually.

For example, at Beauty Forum Munich 2021, Klapp Cosmetics introduced its Microneedling Home Care Set, which included a microneedling device, the “Dermaroller,” paired with the brand’s Klapp Hyaluronic Concentrates. The intention was to provide consumers with the product and device necessary for them to perform professional-level treatments at home. Pre COVID-19, microneedling was not really done at home.

In keeping with the growing wellness and natural-beauty trend, Dr. Grandel, via the Phyris brand, introduced the Forest Range. This glowing skin care line looks to achieve a nature-inspired healthy glow, as if users were bathing in the forest.

Dr. Rimpler also presented new products at the Beauty Forum, including its limited-edition Tangerine Shake Serums. At the same time, Dr. med Christine Schrammek presented its Sensiderm Eye Balm, an anti-aging eye balm for sensitive skin.

Professional Beauty Devices

Phyris Forrest Range

Phyris Forrest Range

Professional beauty devices dominated the beauty forum, as usual, with manufacturers such as CNC and IONTO Comed promoting their devices, all of which are intended for use on-premises at beauty institutes or medical care providers.

“Some of the trends cited in our winter study were observed at the Beauty Forum,” notes Drobnjak, referencing Kline’s Professional Skin Care: Europe Market Analysis and Opportunities, published at the tail end of 2020. “This includes the diversification of the retail channel and the launch of professional products designed for at-home use, along with the development of targeted professional skin care treatments paired with beauty devices.”

Meanwhile, the medical-care providers segment registered growth of 5.4% in Europe in 2020, despite the pandemic. The retail channel, via e-commerce, posted substantial growth of 51.9% compared to 2019.

Says Drobnjak: “Looking at 2021 and ahead, these trends are expected to continue, with an increasing number of consumers opting for both targeted treatments and taking care of their skin at home.”

Nail Care

Beauty Forum Munich represents a key buying channel for nail technicians and salons. The fairs that normally take place throughout the year in Germany offer promotions and discounts to nail technicians, with products often purchased in bulk to cover the entire year. Thus, says Drobnjak, it was particularly important for many local and international manufacturers that the Beauty Forum resumed.

While many major professional nail care manufacturers (such as Alessandro, Catherine, and LCN) did not attend, others (like Emmi-Nail and Neo Nails) were present and enjoyed a busy exhibition, with nail technicians stocking up on products for use within their salons.

“Even though Beauty Forum Munich 2021 was not as large as in prior years, it was still very exciting to be back, meeting with industry players in person, watching demonstrations, and touching the products,” says Drobnjak. “Although most manufacturers shifted toward digital events, it is likely that live trade fairs will again resume, as the sensory experience is central to the industry.” Kline offers an array of studies covering the beauty market, including our Professional Nail Care reports, which offer a robust analysis of the global professional nail care market, focusing on key trends, developments, and business opportunities; our Professional Skin Care reports, a comprehensive series on the professional skin care market, focusing on market size and growth, new product launches, and key changes in the competitive landscape; and the upcoming Beauty Devices 2021: United States, which will provide in-depth insights on the performance of the global market for at-home beauty devices in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

About this blog:  

These Skin-Saving Devices Were Just Unveiled at Beauty Forum Munich features insights from Marina Drobnjak, a senior analyst at Kline & Company. Drobnjak, who is based in Kline’s Prague office, focuses on the Consumer sector. She has five years of experience in the professional beauty industry, including salon hair care, professional skin care, and professional nail care, among other segments. She specializes in the European and South African markets, concentrating on market-opportunity mapping, channel development, and industry trends. Prior to joining Kline, Drobnjak held management consulting positions for German companies developing markets abroad.

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