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[WEBINAR] Specialty Biocides: Insights into Changing Market Dynamics

Following the last session which aimed to provide a high-level overview of developments affecting the biocides industry, this webinar is now hosted by Kline’s Director and research team expert, Nikola Matic. He will now focus on presenting the latest market developments in Europe and the USA and help you understand key industry data, insights, and developments in major end-use applications driving the global biocides market and how they will change the industry within five years.

Register to learn:

  • Market size and insights by region and end-use applications, plus the competitive landscape
  • The main formulated products used in each application and their consumption
  • Market trends that will reshape this industry in the next five years


The webinar will be based on the UPCOMING study from Kline:
 Europe and the United States

This study provides a detailed assessment of more than 100 specialty biocides in 19 major end-use applications.


Check out the VIDEO from our presenters!

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