Beauty Retailing: U.S. Channel Analysis and Opportunities

Back to Beauty School

As the seasons inevitably change, personal care professionals are now returning from summer vacations and getting up to speed with industry developments.

Now that it’s back to business, Kline’s personal care industry experts have been invited to share the latest insights and findings within the anti-aging and natural personal care markets and the retail environment.

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Fall 2012 Beauty Trends

Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry Shows Signs of Tempered Optimism

Conflicting news reports abound about the state of the luxury market in 2012, and the jury is still out on where the year will end up for the cosmetics and toiletries industry as a whole. Some reports show luxury companies like Ralph Lauren missing revenue goals and lowering EPS in the second quarter of 2012, and a cluster of such reports in August point to skittish high-end consumers putting down their credit cards. Continue reading

The Changing Face of Beauty Retailing

The Changing Face of Beauty Retailing

New types of shopping experiences and enhancements have altered the way consumers purchase beauty products. Both men and women are enthusiastic about trying different ways to buy their personal care products, giving way to an even greater number of new formats for retailing. This heightened interest has been responsible for the growth of beauty purchases electronically and in specialty stores.Continue reading

Transcending Natural Cosmetics Go Vegan

As Kline gears up for the research for the next edition of Natural Personal Care Global Series (base year: 2012) and for Inside the Minds of Natural Consumers, a new study from Kline designed to understand consumer perceptions of natural personal care and natural household cleaning, some trends are worth mentioning. While the natural personal care market has been growing at compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 13% since 2006, Kline observes that lately, natural ingredients are making an especially big splash in ethnic hair care, professional skin care, and male grooming products.

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Salon Hair Care Products

Coming to a Head – How a Salon Hair Product Got Me

A professional hair care product so heavily praised by my colleague and the project manager for Salon Hair Care, caused me to seek it out at a hair salon. To my pleasant surprise, I also received a free shampoo product with my purchase. It wasn’t a large package, but it was enough to convince me that professional hair care products can make my hair exceptionally beautiful. This happy revelation, which was prompted by a word-of-mouth recommendation of an unrelated product and the brand’s promotional efforts that delivered promised results, has converted me into a buyer.

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Hispanics and Asian Americans Have High Prosperity for Shopping Online

Hispanics and Asian Americans Have High Propensity for Shopping Online

Increasingly, Americans are opening up to the idea of shopping for personal care products online. The most preferred products purchased online are fragrances, face makeup, eye makeup, and face creams.

Hispanics and Asians are two of the fastest-growing population segments in the United States. More significantly, both groups show strong inclination for online shopping, mostly due to the lower average age of these populations. More than 80% among both groups use the Internet. However, Asian Americans prefer to shop online more frequently than Hispanics.Continue reading

Smart Sun Care and Labeling Changes are on the Horizon

Smart Sun Care and Labeling Changes are on the Horizon

Summer means fun in the sun for most, but it’s a hot business potential for sun care marketers. As the 2012 summer season gets underway, people are planning vacations, spending more time outdoors, and buying more sun care products. Meanwhile, formulators of sunscreens are working to design more appealing products to satisfy consumers–some with exciting new ingredients–and a number of impending changes have been brewing behind the scenes in government offices.Continue reading

Korea Professional Skin Care Market Growth

Added Value and Better Focus on Consumer Boosts Growth for the Professional Skin Care Market, South Korea Posts Highest Growth

In our previous blog on the professional skin care market, we focused on the two largest purchase channels: beauty institutes and salons in Europe, and spas and salons in the United States. After receiving several comments and questions about this market, we would like to share newer insights related to different trends in these two markets. We also want to share a few facts from the freshly published research on South Korea.Continue reading