Hair Coloring in Salons

The “Plex” Movement Revolutionizes the Global Salon Hair Care Industry

The global market for hair coloring services in salons increases every year, driven by the aging population paired with the desire to look younger, as well as the increasing consumer base and spending in developing markets. According to Salon Hair Care Global Series, the segment grew by a healthy 2.5% in 2014, increasing above the overall salon hair industry’s growth. This continued upward trend has not only incited sales in the colorants category, but has also boosted sales of hair treatments that target colored hair. Between 2009 and 2014, the hair treatments category has globally increased at a compound annual growth (CAGR) of almost 6.5%.

Global Sales of Professional Hair Treatments, 2009 to 2014

Global Sales of Professional Hair Treatments, 2009 to 2014

SOURCE: Kline’s Salon Hair Care Global Series.

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Coty Acquires Personal Care and Beauty Division of Hypermarcas

Coty Inches its Way to the Top of Professional Beauty with its Acquisition of Hypermarcas and Reorganization

As recently discussed in a previous blog, acquisitions are constantly reshaping the global professional beauty landscape. Coty’s $1 billion acquisition of the personal care and beauty division of Hypermarcas is the latest move to shake things up, giving Coty an even stronger position in professional beauty, particularly in Brazil.

Coty has eyed Brazil since at least 2012, when the company made an unsolicited bid to acquire Avon, which had Brazil as its largest market. The company also failed multiple times at acquiring Brazil’s direct seller Jequiti. Coty finally made some inroads in 2013 by establishing a joint-venture with Frajo, a local Brazilian cosmetics distributor, but still desired a more potent move.Continue reading

The Leadership Scramble in Professional Beauty: Who Will Win?

The Leadership Scramble in Professional Beauty: Who Will Win?

Acquisition activity has greatly altered the landscape of the global professional beauty industry in the past few years. L’Oréal is now the clear leader and only major player to have a leadership role in all three sectors of professional beauty: hair care, skin care, and nail care. The company has long held the #1 spot in the hair sector. With its acquisitions of SkinCeuticals (2005) and Essie (2010), L’Oréal landed a slot among the top 10 in skin care and nail care, respectively. Adding Decléor and Carita to its portfolio in 2014 propelled L’Oréal to the #1 ranking in skin care. The #1 spot is now firmly taken, but rankings beyond that are very much up for grabs.  Continue reading

Salon Hair Care Global Series

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Global Salon Hair Care Market

The recently completed 2014 edition of Salon Hair Care Global Series confirms that the global market for professional hair care products is growing steadily at almost 3%. In today’s blog post, we’re going to look at some interesting and lesser known facts about this market.

1. The Swiss city of Bern could be considered as the hairdressing capital of the world, counting approximately 3.3 salons per 1,000 inhabitants. In 2014, Kline covered the Swiss market for the first time. The research revealed it is a market of more than USD 150 million and an important contributor to the European salon hair care market size.Continue reading

`Salon Hair Care Global Series

Hair Treatments and Scalp Care Products Driving Growth in the Global Salon Hair Care Market

Newly released data from Kline’s Salon Hair Care Global Series shows that 2014 has been another good year for the global salon hair care market with almost 3% growth. For the first time in three years, Europe shows a positive sales performance. Although Spain and Italy are still lagging behind, Eastern European markets, such as Russia or Turkey, experience double-digit growth, boosting the entire region.

Conditioners is by far the fastest growing category globally, due to a surge in treatment product sales. Feeding the upward growth is a completely new breed of bond multiplier products sparked by the launch of Olaplex. This product can be used as an add-on during a coloring service to reduce breakage or as a standalone treatment to repair and condition the hair and has already generated several copycats.Continue reading

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Professional Beauty is Just Getting Warmed Up

The U.S. beauty industry has gotten off to a slow start in 2014 due to severe winter conditions and record low temperatures across much of the country, which kept consumers indoors and out of stores. As a result, many packaged goods categories showed soft sales in Q1, and the professional beauty segment is no exception. Things seem to have picked up in Q2, and Kline is optimistic that momentum will continue into the second half of the year.

Final results are still in the works, but Kline’s preliminary research points to a low, single-digit increase for the U.S. professional beauty market for the first half of the year.Continue reading

Breaking Beauty: The Elements of Cosmoprof North America

Breaking Beauty: The Elements of Cosmoprof North America

Two parts professional hair, nails, and tools, one part cosmetics and personal care, and a dash of wellness and spa, and you’ve got the formula for success at Cosmoprof North America 2014. While certainly less controversial than Walter White’s coveted recipe, some of this year’s exhibiters have cooked up concoctions featuring elements from the periodic table that are almost as fascinating.Continue reading

The FIFA World Cup Isn’t the Only Hot Thing Happening in Brazil: Keratin’s Back in the Game!

The FIFA World Cup Isn’t the Only Hot Thing Happening in Brazil: Keratin’s Back in the Game!

Findings from Kline’s Salon Hair Care Brazil 2013 report show that it is not only the soccer ball that’s in the game, but also the professional hair care market with fresh reinforcements.

Brazil is the motherland of Keratin-based straightening, giving the “Brazilian straightening” name to the procedure, as well as several products. Being a hot trend a few years ago, the market for hair straightening products was severely hurt by issues related to formaldehydrate and its side effects that gave a new, bad image to Keratin-based straightening systems. Salons around the globe walked away from straightening procedures, and Brazilian straightening was a phrase that salons and marketers started to avoid.Continue reading

Lace, Feathers, and Sparkles During Beauté Sélection Lyon

Lace, Feathers, and Sparkles During Beauté Sélection Lyon

Making headway in the French hairdressing industry capital of Lyon, the Beauté Sélection trade show made waves, attracting a multitude of beauty professionals, as well as schools and academies. The organizers and exhibitors impressively assured a jam-packed show with catwalks, workshops, conferences, and live product demonstrations.

Within the multitude of hair/beauty accessories, a few eye-lash and hair extensions and nail-related booths stood out.Continue reading

Professional Hair Care Market

Professional Hair Care Market Sales Drop, but the Show Goes on Boosted by New, Exciting Initiatives

Salon hair care marketers are struggling to maintain a competitive edge in the arena of professional hair care. Keeping up with changing trends and fashions is no longer the only challenge. Along with changing styles, companies also have to take into account the effects of the economic downturn and demands of the changing consumer.

With salon hair care sales posting declines in 2009, hair coloring products is the only category not to experience the sharp declines that happened along with the rest of the market in both Europe and the United States. Continue reading