Lubricants for WInd Turbines

Lubricants for Wind Turbines: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2019
To Be Published 1st Quarter 2020
Forecasts to 2024
Regional Coverage: China, Germany, India, Spain, United States, Rest of the World (onshore), Global offshore

Wind energy has emerged as one of the major alternate energy sources to address global warming and resource conservation concerns. With government support, wind energy installations have grown exponentially in the last decade, creating a strong demand for lubricants used in wind turbines. Although a small fraction of the global lubricant market, wind turbine lubricants is an important market segment due to its severe performance requirements, rapid growth, and high penetration of synthetic lubricants.

This Report Helps Subscribers to:

  • Make a reliable and independent assessment of the opportunities and challenges in the wind turbine market
  • Assess key market segments in terms of their unique requirements, purchasing criteria, challenges for doing business, and opportunities
  • Understand original equipment manufacturers' and wind farm operators’ requirements with respect to product performance
  • Understand the product selection process and criteria of leading original equipment manufacturers', wind farm operators, and maintenance and service providers
  • Understand government policies, market trends, and demand drivers influencing the market
  • Develop competitive intelligence for use in benchmarking and identifying best practices in the industry

Report Contents


Executive Summary

Wind Power Industry Overview

  • Introduction
  • Industry structure
  • Wind turbine technology
  • Market outlook

Key Markets (see Table 1 for topics covered)

  • China
  • Germany
  • India
  • Spain
  • United States
  • Global offshore

Lubricant Products in Wind Energy

  • Introduction
  • Maintenance practices
  • Overall market
  • Gear oil
  • Grease
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Demand outlook

Market Evaluation

  • Introduction
  • Market outlook
  • Market attractiveness
  • Conclusions
Table 1: Topics Covered in Each Country Profile
Power supply in country
Government regulations
Lubricant demand
Industry trends

Scope & Benefits

Lubricant for Wind Turbines: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities will provide a detailed independent appraisal of this fast-moving market, including current and forecast demand by lubricant type, leading countries, and regions. Specifically, the report will cover:

  • Lubricant demand in wind turbines for 2019 and an outlook to 2024
  • Demand by key markets including China, Germany, India, Spain, the United States, and global offshore
  • Demand by key products including gear oils, hydraulic fluids, and grease
  • Penetration of synthetic and bio-based lubricants
  • Penetration of different wind energy technologies and impact on lubricant demand
  • Key lubricant suppliers

This report will be a syndicated analysis specifically designed to help subscribers understand the key dynamics of this fast growing and high value market. Some of the study’s key benefits are listed below:

  • A useful tool for sales, marketing, and product development teams to understand the key requirements of the various stakeholders, as well as develop products and services to suit their requirements
  • Makes an independent analysis of the current demand and forecast that helps the subscribers to identify the key growth markets
  • Compares various wind turbine technologies and helps subscribers to understand the growth drivers and challenges associated with each technology
  • Assists subscribers with understanding the competitive landscape, the major suppliers, and their competitive strengths and weaknesses

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