lubricants for wind turbines 2024

Lubricants for Wind Turbines: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities

Regional Coverage: China, Rest of Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Rest of World, and Global Offshore

Base Year: 2022
Published: January 2023

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Base Year: 2024
To be Published: Q4 2024

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A comprehensive analysis examining the market for lubricants used in wind energy generation. The reports will focus on key trends, developments, technology changes, and identifying challenges and opportunities for lubricant marketers. The report will be accompanied by lubricant demand models with a long-term view.


  • Analysis of power scenario and regulations
  • Analysis of the wind power industry
  • Evolving technology and its impact on lubricants
  • Maintenance practices
  • Market attractiveness and growth drivers
  • Analysis of lubricants demand for 2024 and forecasts till 2029.
  • Lubricant demand split by:
    • — Onshore and offshore
    • — Products—gear oil, hydraulic oil, and greases
    • — Initial fill and service fill
    • — Lubricant suppliers

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

An overview of the report findings plus forecast based on Kline’s Future View Forecasting Model

Wind Power Industry Overview

  • Introduction
  • Regional installations
  • Industry structure
  • Wind turbine technology
  • Market outlook and market attractiveness

Lubricant Products

  • Introduction
  • Gear oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Grease

Regional Profiles*

  • Introduction
  • Power scenario and regulations
  • Wind power installations and OEM market share
  • Lubricant demand
  • Industry trends and outlook for wind turbine capacities and lubricant demand
  • Market opportunities and challenges for lubricant marketers

*The wind energy industry and associated lubricant market for each region in Table 1 are profiled.


China​ Rest of Asia-Pacific
North America Europe
Rest of World ​Global offshore​​​

Subscriber Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for manufacturers and formulators of industrial vegetation management pesticides and fertilizers. Specifically, this report assists subscribers by providing:

  • A highly reliable and independent assessment of market segments, size, and potential
  • Key product usage and maintenance; a broad analysis on how the key lubricant suppliers cater the market
  • Penetration of synthetic and bio-based lubricants; penetration of different wind energy technology and impact on over lubricant demand

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