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Trend Watch: What Is Beauty Sleep, and How Can You Capitalize on It?

The convergence of beauty and wellness continues to present attractive opportunities for beauty businesses to capitalize on. Beauty sleep—a term referring to the time that the skin takes to recover from the day’s pollution, sun exposure, and other environmental factors—has become a popular topic of conversation among consumers who are actively seeking ways to maintain a healthy skin barrier by optimizing sleep quality.

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Why is multi-functionality demand rising in the personal care industry

Why is Multi-Functionality Demand Rising in the Personal Care Industry?

Exploring the role of multi-functionality in the personal care market reveals why and how companies and products are evolving.

Demand for multi-functional ingredients is gaining traction among both formulators and consumers for several reasons. Firstly, multi-functional ingredients facilitate easier formulation design and offer a more favorable cost-benefit ratio. They provide benefits such as easy processing, time-saving advantages, cost-effectiveness, and require less coding, making them highly beneficial for formulators in the personal care industry.

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Where Should Marketers Pivot to Succeed in the Medical-Dispensing Skin Care Space

Where Should Marketers Pivot to Succeed in the Medical-Dispensing Skin Care Space?

In recent years, the medical dispensing skin care market has experienced remarkable evolution, defying economic uncertainties and registering gains across all key markets analyzed by Kline+ Company. The global market has been growing at a staggering 15% since 2020, with North America remaining the largest and fastest-growing market, followed by Latin America.

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The Rise of Hair Treatments Highlights from the 2024 Professional Beauty India Show

Rise of Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments: Highlights From the 2024 Professional Beauty India Show

Last week, Swarup Chakrabarty, Senior Analyst in Kline’s Beauty and Wellbeing vertical, attended the Professional Beauty India show in Kolkata, which attracted over 100,000 buyers and sellers, showcasing India’s burgeoning strength in the beauty and wellbeing industry. From the introduction of new hair care brands such as 3TenX to an increasing popularity of deep conditioning hair treatments, as reflected by new product offerings by local brands such as Beauty Garage and Cabelo Chave Professional, the show underscored the evolving landscape of the industry.

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