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specialty biocides market data in key applications

[WEBINAR] Specialty Biocides: Insights into Changing Market Dynamics

Following the last session which aimed to provide a high-level overview of developments affecting the biocides industry, this webinar is now hosted by Kline’s Director and research team expert, Nikola Matic. He focuses on presenting the latest market developments in Europe and the USA and helps you understand key industry data, insights, and developments in major end-use applications driving the global biocides market and how they will change the industry within five years.

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What’s Next for Home Fragrances Following the 2020 Scent Surge

What’s Next for Home Fragrances Following the 2020 Scent Surge

The pandemic ignited a renaissance for the home fragrance industry as consumers acquired a new appreciation for home scent while spending more time in their personal spaces. As we conclude research on this dynamic market for our 23rd edition in our Home Fragrances: U.S. Market Brief report series, we are anticipating the market to achieve a 17% increase in retail sales or greater, with candles notably outperforming the market. Continue reading

bayer environmental sciences. what will be the game-changer in the non-crop agrochemicals industry

Bayer Environmental Sciences Swayed by the Current M&A Buzz 

The year ahead could prove to be gamechanging in the non-crop part of the agrochemicals industry, as Bayer has announced plans to divest its Environmental Science division. The division currently generates sales of approximately EUR 600 million (USD 717 million) in 2019The divestment includes leading solutions across five main segments:  

  • Vector control: mosquito control 
  • Professional pest management: professional home & industrial pest control 
  • Industrial vegetation management: weed control in non-ag environment 
  • Forestry weed & pest control in professional timber forestry 
  • Turf and ornamentals: weed & pest control in professional turfed landscape & greenhouses 

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A Look at Salons’ Youngest Clients

Hair care and styling are not just for adults! Products geared toward children have increased their presence in salons, according to data in Kline PRO, our salon retail products and services database. Before last year’s interruption in salon activity because of COVID closures, salon revenues for children’s hair products were up 11%, and children’s haircuts and styling services increased nearly 16% in 2019 over the previous year.  Continue reading

Bonsai kids

Bonsai Kids: An Entertainment-Inspired, California-Grown Brand

Bonsai Kids was developed by a Hollywood hairstylist and father who wanted to bring quality and affordable kids’ products to the marketits fun packaging no doubt appeals to today’s video-game-playing youth. Bonsai Kids is sold DTC but appeared in our Kline PRO salon panel a few years back. Salon sales were negligible until 2020, when register rings surged by nearly 700%. For additional brand insights, follow Kline PRO, our salon retail products and services database for the United States and Canada markets. 

Boy Smells: How Fashion and Gender Identity Play a Role in Home Fragrances

Boy Smells: How Fashion and Gender Identity Play a Role in Home Fragrances

Boy Smells has been a player to watch in recent years in the home fragrances market, with the brand using cheeky marketing and product offerings to appeal to a new generation of consumers. It describes itself as “genderful,” encouraging consumers to embrace both masculinity and feminity, a concept that has great appeal with millennial and generation Z consumers. In 2020, Boy Smells leaned into these strategies authentically while promoting important social movements, such as Pride Month and Stop Asian Hate, alongside its products. The brand is expected to continue to push boundaries on gender identity through its collection of candles, fine fragrance, and intimate apparel as it continues to further expand into additional retailers across the United States. For additional brand insights, follow our Home Fragrances: U.S. Market Brief report.

Internet of Things (IoT) and automation in the industrial and institutional cleaning industry

Next Generation of Tech in the Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Industry 

Industries are adopting robots in varying degrees; the automotive industry, for example, has adopted robots more than any other sector, contributing approximately 38% of currently deployed robots worldwide.  

But how is automation impacting the industrial and institutional cleaning industry? And how is the Internet of Things (IoT) involved? Read on: Continue reading

lubricants specifications

Are ILSAC GF-6 and ACEA the Last of Lubricants Performance Specifications?

Kline Energy Reflections Under a Minute

We may be in the final stages of ICE oil specifications upgrades by industry bodies ILSAC, API, ACEA, and JASO. The recent release of ILSAC GF-6 in 2020 took eight years, and an interim specification of ILSAC GF-5 Plus was needed to be issued to protect engines until GF-6 could be finalized. This was needed as OEMs were concerned that GF-5 lubricants would not protect modern engines.Continue reading

Canadian Professional Beauty

Professional Beauty Canada: Spotlight on Key Developments

Canada has become an important market to watch in the professional beauty space, despite its small size. The country has become increasingly populated by fast-growing indie brands trending in the United States, but a number of new Canadian-born entrants are also making moves. With the ever-changing competitive landscape, this market will be vital to brands and marketers seeking to establish themselves as leaders in both the salon hair care and professional skin care markets in Canada.  Continue reading

AlumierMD: A Rapid Evolution in the Canadian Professional Skin Care Market

AlumierMD: A Rapid Evolution in the Canadian Professional Skin Care Market

AlumierMD, a Canadian-based, professionally dispensed skin care brand, has quickly become a leading player in Canada’s professional skin care market since its debut in 2016. The medical-grade brand is exclusive to physicians; formulates products with clean, clinical ingredients that are free from substances banned by the EU, FDA, and Health Canada; and is most recognized for its award-winning vitamin C and E serum, EverActive C&E + Peptide. The brand is global, with distribution also in the U.K., Ireland, the U.S., and Germany. For additional brand insights, follow our Professional Skin Care Global Series report.