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Double-Digit Growth in HI&I Cleaning Ingredients Demand: Which Regions are Leading the Way?

The market of ingredients for household, industrial, and institutional (HI&I) cleaning applications is going through changes across all regions of the world. Innovation in dosage forms, increasing disposable income in developing countries, increasing importance of the green movement, and environmental regulations are some of the key trends driving those changesHerewith, we are highlighting some early findings from our HI&I study, scheduled to be published in Q4 2020. In this blog, we will focus on the United States, Europe, and China. Our next blog will cover the remaining regions included in the study: Brazil, India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. So keep an eye on our website’s blogs section: https://klinegroup.com/category/chemicals/  

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The Industrial Vegetation-Management Pesticides Market Gains Traction in Brazil, Inviting New Players

In 2019, Brazil was the world’s second-largest pesticides consumer, only behind China, and followed by the United States. The Brazilian agrochemical market is primarily controlled by large multinational groups such as Bayer/Monsanto, BASF, Corteva, Syngenta, and Adama (under parent company, ChemChina).

In Brazil, the industrial vegetation-management (IVM) market is defined by those segments where only non-agricultural products are applied. These pesticides (generally herbicides) are intended for use in areas where there is no cultivation, such as railways, highway margins, electrical substations, pipelines, airport runways, and industrial yards, among others. However, these chemical compounds cannot be applied in urban areas.

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Cleaning Needs in the Foodservice Industry are Rapidly Changing

The restaurant industry has been one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with government shutdowns leading to an estimated 8 million unemployed restaurant workers and thousands of temporary and permanent restaurant closures. Yelp estimates that approximately 16,000 restaurants have permanently closed due to COVID-19 lockdowns, and some project that the industry lost as much as $80 billion in the first two months of shelter-in-place orders. Continue reading

Key Market Developments that Drive Lubricant Markets for Two Wheelers

Two-wheelers are a popular means of transportation in developing countries because of their low ownership cost and fuel-efficiency. In the long term, two-wheeler market will continue to grow despite a temporary disruption in 2020 amid COVID-19 driven by access to credit and financing. E-commerce and bike taxis will also give a forward push to this market. However, some factors, such as the increasing electric two-wheeler population, restrictions on two-wheeler usage in China, a move toward cars in developing countries as a result of economic growth change the way the market develops.Continue reading

While Oil Prices Dive, Lubricants Demand Continues to Grow in the Middle East

The Middle East region produces almost one-third of global crude oil, with more than 30 million barrels coming from the region per day. Crude oil prices, which plunged from 2014-16 and recently hit lows not seen since the 1998 oil crisis over 20 years ago, have had a significant impact on the region’s economies. Local governments have already implemented diversification plans following the 2014-16 oil crisis and have started to open up their economies to more foreign direct investment (FDI), set up free trade zones and districts, and encourage their manufacturing sectors to grow. However, the COVID-19 pandemic caused shutdowns across the region with businesses, schools, and travel being suspended. This unexpected slowdown also halted major events such as the World Cup and new offshore drilling with global partners. While recent events and ongoing socio-political troubles have slowed the region’s growth, it continues to play an important part in global trade, as well as in the finished lubricants market.

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impact of Covid 19 on motorcycle oil MCO market

Global MCO Market to Remain Resilient to the Onslaught of the COVID-19 Outbreak

The period of rapid two-wheeler population growth appears to be over as the market matures in many countries. This is leading to a moderate growth expectation over the forecast period through 2024, globally. Due to the lack of an efficient public transportation system, especially in rural and semi-urban areas, Asia and Latin America will continue seeing strong growth in motorcycle, moped, and other two-wheeler sales. Owing to their commercial utility, easy manoeuvrability through traffic, and fuel efficiency, they are considered a utilitarian vehicle and continue to appeal to the urban populations. Similar to cars, shared mobility is gaining momentum in the two-wheeler market, although the shift has been slow. Interest in ownership of these vehicles remains strong due to the low cost. To learn more about this resilient market,  REGISTER for our free webinar taking place on October 7, 2020.Continue reading

top 10 wellness

Head-to-Toe Wellness: Top 10 Best Research Resources

The wellness space has emerged in an exciting way, penetrating new market segments such as beauty, healthcare, and food & nutrition. Nowadays, wellness products can span the gamut from personal cleansing products, hand soaps, aromatherapy, and home fragrances to nutritional supplements, sleep aids, probiotics, and CBD. Our published studies in wellness show that all of these segments are seeing notable increases, ranging from 3% to an impressive 220% in 2020. As wellness is redefining these segments with new product positioningswe’ve compiled a list of our top 10 most valuable resources in this space:  


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