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Top Salon Hair Care Trends in Europe

Top Salon Hair Care Trends in Europe

It’s no secret that the salon hair care market suffered gravely due to the coronavirus pandemic. With salons closed for several months, most countries analyzed in our Salon Hair Care Global Series report registered declines. Despite these setbacks, some of the trends that started in previous years, like the move toward sustainability and channel diversification, further accelerated, helping marketers survive the global crisis. Below are some of these trends that took place in Europe: Continue reading

sustainability in energy and lubricants industry

[WEBINAR – Episode 2] In Conversation with Kline Sustainability in Energy Industry Advocate Yana Wilkinson

Access our recorded session with Kline’s VP of Energy, Yana Wilkinson, who was holding a discussion on how the fast-evolving theme of sustainability is influencing the decarbonization of the lubricants value chain. During this session, Annie Jarquin, Director at Energy practice and the host, selected the most pressing and interesting questions asked during the webinar and discussed them with Yana.Continue reading

SNS: Rising to Fame with Dipping Powders

SNS: Rising to Fame with Dipping Powders

SNS has been actively present in the professional nail care market since the 90s, with its core offering and expertise grounded in dipping powders. Over the years, the brand has expanded its product portfolio to compete in other categories, such as gels and nail polishes. A key market for SNS is the United States, where it is widely used in value salons. For additional brand insights, follow our Professional Nail Care: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report. 

lubricant additives after covid-19

Lubricant Additives: Not Enough Supply to Satisfy Demand Creates Need for New Supply Chain Strategies

The lubricant additives supply chain already faced a trying year in 2020, and 2021 hasn’t started out much better.

Initially, COVID-19 shut down non-essential manufacturing and travel, greatly reducing finished lubricants demand and, consequently, additive demand. This was softened by lubricants marketers continuing to blend finished product and fill their warehouses in the event that their plants were also shut down. helped ease some of the impacts of shutdowns and restrictions faced by additive manufacturers, but it also threw off their forecasting.

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impact of EVs on motor oil PCMO market


Where will the PCMO market be in 2040? We have an idea…

While PCMO demand growth is expected to remain positive in some developing countries, the combined PCMO demand in 15 select countries analyzed in Kline’s PCMO 2040 study shows negative rates over the forecast period. This is directly linked to the increase in EV penetration in the vehicle population. Despite a negative effect on volumetric demand, EVs represent an opportunity to trigger innovation in the next generation of lubricants formulations.Continue reading

NuFace: The Microcurrent Cornerstone of the U.S. Device Market

NuFace: The Microcurrent Cornerstone of the U.S. Device Market

NuFace is an excellent example of how a firm can lean into social media to introduce consumers to the benefits of technology in this case, microcurrent in an educational and entertaining way. 

Tera Peterson, co-founder of the brand, has created a home for ongoing dialogues via her Instagram account. There, she shows different ways consumers can use the NuFace devices   from brow lifting to jaw sculpting. Peterson also regularly invites guests like makeup artist Bobbi Brown onto her IG live broadcasts. 

Through social media, the brand has added to its strong following and educated consumers on how the NuFace family of products can address skin care concerns. For additional brand insights, follow our Beauty Devices Global Series report.