Synthetic Latex Polymers: Key Insights Into Southeast Asia and Middle East Markets

The increasing government investments, sustainability drives, and flourishing e-commerce influencing packaging/paper and adhesives industry are creating growth opportunities for synthetic latex polymers in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. However, reducing pandemic-induced demand in large consumer industries, such as glove dipping, is slowing the growth. How will the market evolve in the next few years and where to seek opportunities?

Watch this webinar, which draws upon key highlights from our recently published Synthetic Latex Polymers Global report, to learn about:

  • Global review of synthetic latex polymers with focus on Southeast Asia and the Middle East
  • Market size, competitive landscape, and key trends
  • Growth opportunities for products and applications with a five-year outlook


Ekata Sharma

Project Lead

Anamaria Dutton

Sales Team Leader

Personal Care Ingredients: A Comprehensive Look at the Specialty Actives and Delivery Systems Markets

The segment of active ingredients in the personal care industry is experiencing rapid growth, fueled by the rising consumer demand for effective products that meet their individual needs. Moreover, the growing importance of sustainability is driving various market trends, such as upscaling, minimalism, and the use of multifunctional ingredients. In line with this, delivery systems are gaining increased attention as they aim to protect, stabilize, and enhance the delivery of active ingredients.

Watch the webinar, as our experts integrate valuable insights from our Specialty Actives in Personal Care Global study and Delivery Systems in Personal Care report, into an insightful presentation, which will help you:

- Get the full picture of the specialty actives market, as well as an overview of the market by region and ingredient type
- Discover main trends driving the active ingredients market in personal care
- Understand the delivery systems market and its value chain



Kunal Mahajan

Project Manager,
Chemicals Practice

Carlos Ruiz

Project Manager,
Chemicals Practice

The Science and The Art – Bringing Forecasting of the Professional Beauty Industry to the Next Level

Our highly skilled predictive analytics team is combining an advanced data science approach to forecasting, together with valuable insights gathered through hundreds of in-depth unstructured interviews and secondary research conducted by our expert Beauty and Wellbeing industry research team. During this online event, we look at what happens “behind the scenes” of our predictive analytics process and showcase forecast results taken from our latest Salon Hair Care Global Series report.

Our forecasting capabilities will help you effectively plan your business strategy by:

  • Identifying opportunities and mitigating risks
  • Innovating existing products and tailoring launches
  • Pinpointing target audiences and building engaging marketing content
  • Adapting to changing consumer needs and scenarios


Max Kaye

Director, Predictive Analytics

Clément Perpignan

Senior Analyst, Beauty & Wellbeing

Softgels and Liquid-fill Capsules thumbnail

Softgels and Liquid-Fill Capsules: Global Business Analysis and Opportunities

Softgels and Liquid-Fill Capsules: Global Business Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2023
To be Published: Q2 2024
Regional Coverage: Global

The drug delivery industry, known for its constant innovation, has found softgels and liquid-fill capsules to be effective in delivering difficult-to-formulate APIs that struggle with stability and bioavailability issues. Softgels and liquid-fill capsules offer formulations greater flexibility and stability, while also catering to the need for higher drug bioavailability. For drug producers, these capsules also often mean easier scalability. As the adoption of these capsules as effective dosage forms increases among pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulators worldwide, it becomes crucial to understand their market dynamics to identify the right opportunities.

Scope of Market Analysis

  • Market size by units (as applicable) and by value
  • Pricing analysis
  • Market by sector – pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals
  • Market by polymer – gelatin, HPMC, pullulan, etc.
  • Sales by supplier
  • Capabilities of major suppliers
    • - Suppliers of empty capsules
    • - Key in-house producers

Table of Contents



Executive Summary

Regional Analysis

For each capsule type:

  • Market size analysis by pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals
    • - Market assessment by volume (where applicable) and value
  • Competitive landscape
  • Value chain analysis
    • - Insight on key businesses
    • - Evolving role of CDMOs in the capsule value chain
    • - Evolving role of equipment suppliers in the capsule value chain
  • Competition between types of capsules and from other dosage forms
  • Technology trends: Functionalities (instant release, modified release, etc.) and innovation
  • Analysis of industry and consumer trends
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Outlook for five years

Subscriber Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for suppliers of empty liquid-fill capsules and suppliers of equipment and services for capsule filling. Specifically, it assists subscribers by providing:

  • A detailed understanding of the capsules value chain
  • Insight into market dynamics and competition
  • Identification of growth opportunities in liquid-fill capsules industry

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The Latest Trends & Opportunities in the Haircare Ingredients Market featured image

The Latest Trends & Opportunities in the Haircare Ingredients Market

Haircare applications represent a key segment within the global ingredients market, with a whopping value of more than USD 27 billion; specialty ingredients for haircare account for a market of approximately USD 7.5 billion.

In this special report, now available for download, we're examining exactly how personal care ingredients factor into haircare products. Among the questions we address:

  • What are the biggest markets for specialty personal care ingredients? Which will grow, and which will be stagnant?
  • Who are the leading suppliers on the haircare ingredients landscape?
  • What's the one professional haircare segment that wasn't on the rise in 2022?
  • What are the top trends for haircare?
  • Where are haircare ingredients headed in the future in terms of growth rates by region and application?

Insights are taken from Kline's Personal Care Ingredients: Global Market Analysis report, which analyzes the consumption, supply, and pricing of ingredients used in personal care formulations; evaluates drivers and restraints affecting the market; and builds a five-year forecast model, providing a clear view of market opportunities in the post-COVID-19 world. Further observations are culled from the Specialty Actives in Personal Care report, which features a database plus reports that offer an overview, pricing analysis, market size, trends, drivers, and restraints, outlook, and more.

How is the Surfactants Market Adapting to the New Market Conditions thumbnail

How is the Surfactants Market Adapting to the New Market Conditions?

HI&I cleaning applications are the largest consumer group of surfactants globally, but new market conditions are forcing the industry to change. In a recent presentation at CESIO’s 12th World Surfactant Congress in Rome, Nikola Matic, Vice President of our Chemicals and Materials division, discussed those changes and much more. Among the topics he covered:

  • What is the consumption of ingredients for HI&I cleaning applications by ingredient group and by application in Europe?
  • What are the key trends in HI&I?
  • How were I&I applications affected by the pandemic?
  • How are “green” surfactants affecting personal care applications in Europe?
  • What is driving the market for surfactants in personal care applications today?
  • What factors are expected to influence surfactant demand in industrial applications?

Get the answers to those questions – and much more – by downloading Nikola’s presentation, which draws insights from Kline’s Industrial Surfactants: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities, Personal Care Ingredients: Global Market Analysis and Ingredients for Household, Industrial, and Institutional Cleaning Applications reports.

Empty Hard Capsules Capacity and Services Map Thumbnail

Empty Hard Capsules: Global Capacity and Services Map

Empty Hard Capsules: Global Capacity and Services Map

Base Year: 2023
To be Published: Q4 2023
Regional Coverage: Global

The study is a comprehensive and interactive map showcasing manufacturing and service capabilities of empty hard capsule manufacturers. The extensive coverage will enable a detailed analysis on the supply scenario and an understanding of competitors.


  • Plant capacity of empty hard capsule manufacturers by polymer type of capsule
    • — Gelatin capsules
    • — HPMC capsules
    • — Pullulan capsules
  • Manufacturing capability for liquid-fill capsules
  • Service capability of the manufacturers by site
    • — CMO capsule filling
    • — R&D assistance
    • — Technical support
    • — Regulatory support
    • — Packaging
    • — Others


Tool Benefits

This interactive tool serves as an excellent resource for identifying, locating, and profiling the manufacturers of empty hard capsules globally. Specifically, the tool provides:

  • A highly comprehensive coverage of capsule manufacturers globally, including the vastly fragmented manufacturer base in China
  • A real-time map locator to identify the operating sites of capsule manufacturers, worldwide
  • Details on the capabilities of manufacturers with respect to product capacities and services

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Contract Manufacturers in Pharmaceuticals thumbnail

Contract Manufacturers in Pharmaceuticals: Interactive Directory and Analysis

Contract Manufacturers in Pharmaceuticals: Interactive Directory and Analysis

Base Year: 2022
To be Published: Q4 2023
Regional Coverage: China, Europe, United States, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Middle East

Contract manufacturing is an integral part of the pharmaceutical industry’s value chain and an increasingly powerful customer base for excipient suppliers. This interactive directory aims at mapping the pharmaceutical contract manufacturers in all the key global markets to enable excipient suppliers to identify and expand customer reach.


  • Pharmaceutical contract manufacturers, including:
    • - Contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs)​
    • - Contract research organizations (CROs)
  • Dosage form capabilities of contract manufacturers:
    • - Oral solid dosages
      • - Tablets
      • - Capsules
      • - Others
    • - Oral liquid dosages
    • - Parenteral dosages
    • - Topical dosages
    • - Inhalation dosages
    • - Others
  • The tool will provide
    • - Contract manufacturer’s name and location​
    • - Dosage form capabilities
    • - Formulation development capabilities


The tool will provide the following information and all possibilities across:

Drug manufacturing
Drug formulation development
Oral solid dosages - Tablets
- Capsules
- Others
Oral liquid dosages
Parenteral dosages
Topical dosages
Inhalation dosages


Report Benefits

This interactive tool serves as an excellent resource for identifying, locating, and profiling contract manufacturers, formulators, and research organizations in the pharmaceutical industry. Specifically, the tool provides:

  • Highly comprehensive coverage of the contract manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry
  • A real-time map locator to identify the geographical presence of the contract manufacturing organizations
  • Details on the capabilities of the organizations with respect to services and dosage forms

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The Changing Dynamics of the Empty Hard Capsules Market

Major world events have impacted the growth curve of key market segments such as OTC, nutrition, and prescription drugs. As the prices and lead-times of many top suppliers continued to increase, smaller suppliers found an inlet into large customer accounts.

Watch this webinar, based on hot-off-the-press insights from our Empty Hard Capsules: Business Analysis and Opportunities report, to learn about:

  • The state of the market in the United States, Europe, India, China, Canada, Japan, and Mexico
  • New trends influencing the market, including growing demand for HPMC due to vegan/vegetarian preferences
  • Changing demand within the Rx Branded, Rx Generic, OTC, and Nutrition segments


Shilpi Mehrotra

Industry Manager,
Chemicals Practice

The Active Ingredients Market in Asia

The Active Ingredients Market in Asia

Specialty ingredients have the largest growth potential within the personal care ingredients business, with Europe and the United States representing the two biggest markets. Next in line: China and Japan.

In a special presentation given at the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists Suppliers' Day, Kline's Vice President of Chemicals,  Nikola Matic, zeroed in on the active ingredients market in Asia, taking a deep dive into China. Among his revelations regarding the country: Multinational active ingredient suppliers and cosmetics brands are building factories there in the aftermath of COVID-19; regulatory challenges such as those by the National Medical Products Administration restricts live cells usage in skin care product, which limits further development of the market for probiotics, stem cell extracts, and more; and the "skinification" of hair is rising in popularity.

What else is helping to shape the specialty ingredients market in China? And what are some of the specifics of the markets in Japan and India? Find out by downloading Nikola's presentation, which draws insights from Kline's new Specialty Actives in Personal Care: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report, a detailed appraisal of key regional markets for active ingredients that assesses current and forecast demand by major ingredients, functionalities, prices, distribution channels, supplier sales, and technical and market trends