Kline’s Top 10 Beauty Content of 2022

The beauty industry had another banner year in 2022. The professional beauty sector saw a rise in demand as consumers turned to professionals for their expertise more frequently. Foot traffic rebounded both in stores and salons, while brands increasingly accelerated omnichannel adoption. TikTok was increasingly adopted as a core marketing tactic, creating a path to success for many beauty products that went viral. Meanwhile, acquisitions continued to reshape the competitive landscape. Some of the most notable deals that we accurately predicted in our research are P&G’s acquisition of Ilia Beauty and Tula Skincare as well as Bansk Group‘s acquisition of a majority stake in amika:. 

Through the various market research reports and consulting projects we conducted in 2022, below we have collated our top 10 most popular content from the year in case you missed it or want to review them again: 

1. Beauty Industry Briefing: What’s Powering the U.S. Market in the Days Ahead? 

Cosmetics and fragrances are at the front line of total beauty industry growth. Also, large deals have returned to the beauty space. Mass retailers such as Target and Walmart are tapping further into beauty via partnerships with premium beauty retailers. Read blog 

2. How Omnichannel and Independent Stylists are Boosting Growth in the Salon Industry 

This webinar reflects our latest perspectives on professional hair care industry dynamics, the emergence of independent stylists, and the importance of omnichannel in brands’ strategies. Replay webinar 

3. Professional Skin Care Spending in the Face of a Recession 

For many U.S. consumers who plan to have a non-invasive aesthetic treatment, the economic climate is not swaying their decision to cancel or delay the procedure. Here’s how marketers can begin navigating what’s next. Read blog 

4. The Rule Breakers in Beauty M&A 

This episode unpacks how indie beauty brands grow their business with a passion to address consumers’ unmet needs. The hosts determine the key factors for success: authenticity, transparency, and clear messaging. Listen to podcast 

5. The Top Trends in U.S. Beauty & Retail 

As consumers gravitate to professionals for their expertise more frequently, there is significant variance in purchase channel strategies across retailers. Which outlets are likely to continue to drive the beauty industry? Download report 

6. Service-Oriented Categories Driving Professional Nail Care Market Recovery 

Nail enhancements exploded in popularity as consumers returned to salons regularly. In this webinar, we shine a spotlight on key global trends, partnerships, and competitive forces across the professional nail care markets. Replay webinar 

7. Are Salons Keeping up With Inflation? 

In 2022, reports of rising inflation were seen everywhere—be it the grocery store or the gas pump. But what about salons? They should evaluate the impact of the rising costs on their business. Read blog 

8. Medical-Dispensing Skin Care Navigating Growth Opportunities in 65 Markets 

One of the most talked about professional beauty topics of the year was the medical providers channel. Learn about where demand may exist among markets in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. Replay webinar 

9. Why Clean Claims Are No Longer Enough to Draw Consumer Purchases 

Clean beauty is at the center of the beauty industry with the market becoming more and more saturated with numerous brands to choose from. Understand how big players are standing out from the crowd. Read blog 

10. Beauty Retailers Confront Historic U.S. Inflation 

With inflation rising to its highest level in over 40 years, consumers are starting to curtail their store visits as brands and retailers adjust their prices to reflect the economy. How are retailers adapting to retain shoppers? Read blog 

Stay tuned for what’s next in beauty in 2023 as our coverage of the industry’s key dynamics continues with new and exciting topics. For a deep dive into our offerings, please contact our team. 

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