Healthcare Market Research Reports

We focus on healthcare products sold through all channels of distribution, including OTC pharmaceuticals, Rx-to-OTC switches, and more. Our studies are ideal for manufacturers, marketers, retailers and suppliers who are seeking a deeper understanding of their industry, or those who are looking to learn more about the nuances, along with the trends, scenario forecasts, and intelligent insights not found anywhere else.
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CBD for Health and Wellness: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities

This is a comprehensive analysis of consumer use Cannabidiol (CBD) health and wellness products, regulatory and legal status, currently available products, marketing channels, and outlook for CBD products and the categories it covers. This study includes consumer research with attitudes, usage and perceptions of CBD products.

Nutritional Supplements Market in the United States

A comprehensive analysis of the U.S. market for nutritional supplements focusing on key trends, developments, challenges, and business opportunities. Product categories covered include: vitamins, minerals, and
herbal products.

OTC Indies: U.S. Analysis of Independent OTC Companies

With the recent low growth of traditional OTCs, many large market players will seek growth via acquisition of complementary companies and/or brands. This study offers in-depth profiles of approximately 70 independent OTC companies, many of which have recently recorded double-digit sales growth.

Sleep Aids: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities

A comprehensive analysis of the market for sleep aids in the United States covering OTC sleep medicines, natural sleep aid products, and sleep aid devices, including consumer research on attitudes, usage, and perceptions.

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