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Beauty Nutrition: U.S. Market Brief

Base Year: 2020
Published: June 2021
Regional Coverage: United States

With the pandemic continuing, beauty nutrition has gained momentum as consumers explore new areas of beauty centered around improving health and wellness. Companies, both in the beauty and wellness realms, are presenting consumers with a multitude of options such as drinks, powders, and capsules designed to nourish skin, hair, and nails from the inside out.


  • Ingestible products marketed as having the ability to improve the health of skin, hair, and nails​
  • Products primarily including elixirs, pills, and powders​
  • Report does not include products that aid in sleep, digestion, or relaxation

Table of Contents


  • Scope
  • Channel Coverage
  • Values, Sources, and Methods
  • Definitions
  • Rounding and Accuracy

Market Overview

  • Key Findings
  • Market Size and Growth: 2019-2020
  • Market Drivers and Trends
  • Sales By Key Area of Benefit: Hair, Skin, and Nails
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Retail Channel Breakdowns
  • Outlook to 2025

Brand Snapshots

For each brand listed in Table 1, the following is provided:

  • Brand Overview
  • Product Portfolio and New Product Launches
  • Promotional Activities
  • Pricing and Distribution Strategy
Ancient Nutrition Nutrafol
Evolution_18 ​​​​​​OLLY
Garden of Life SugarBearHair
HUM Nutrition The Bountiful Company​
Moon Juice Vitafusion
Nature Made Vital Proteins
Nature’s Truth Viviscal

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for manufacturers and marketers engaged in the beauty and wellness markets. Specifically, it assists subscribers by providing:

  • Profiles of potential acquisition prospects
  • An understanding of market growth and size, as well as opportunity
  • A perspective of leading and emerging players

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