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Transformer Oils: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities

This report is a comprehensive analysis of the global market for transformer oils, covering the impact of increasing electricity demand, integration of renewable power generation (solar and wind) with the grid, upgrade of existing power transmission and distribution network, and technologies such as ultra-high voltage transformer, medium frequency transformers, dry transformers, smart grids, and operation and maintenance practices.

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Changing Paradigms in the Asian Market for Professional Beauty

China and Japan are the cornerstone markets for professional beauty in Asia. Professional hair, skin, and nail products—which were traditionally found in salons, beauty institutes, and aesthetic physicians’ offices in China—have successfully found new avenues in brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce outlets, and live streaming platforms, such as Douyin. This shift is not as strong as that in Japan, where the market is much more conservative, and brands are cautious about expanding beyond professional channels.

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Optimizing PCMO Portfolio in the Rapidly Changing China Market

The study is a comprehensive analysis of how PCMO performance levels and grades will evolve in the future in Mainland China. While the market has been adopting low-viscosity products for some time, tracking their penetration over time is not straightforward.
This analysis uses recommendations from over 150 OEMs across 2,500 models for the past 12 years in China to accurately forecast the performance level and viscosity grade mix of the PCMO market over the next five years.

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City Clusters: New Frontiers for PCMO Growth in Mainland China

A comprehensive analysis examining the rapidly changing passenger car servicing market in China with insights provided at a city level, covering the leading 300+ cities. The study will track franchised workshop channel at the city level, covering vehicle sales and parc evolution, OEM activity, and lubricant consumption and identifying the most attractive city/city clusters.

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