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City Clusters: New Frontiers for PCMO Growth in Mainland China

Base Year: 2022/23
Publication Schedule: Foundation Study by Q3 2023 and Quarterly Updates Thereafter
Regional Coverage: China

A comprehensive analysis examining the rapidly changing passenger car servicing market in China with insights provided at a city level, covering the leading 300+ cities. The study will track franchised workshop channel at the city level, covering vehicle sales and parc evolution, OEM activity, and lubricant consumption and identifying the most attractive city/city clusters.


  • Mapping of the franchised workshop channel (FWS) at city/city cluster level
    • - Tracking vehicle sales and parc evolution at city level
    • - Tracking OEM activity at city level
    • - Tracking lubricant blender activity at city level
    • - Tracking PCMO consumption trends by quality level, viscosity grade, and formulation type, as well as by branding
  • Geographic trends covering demand evolution, OEM performance, blender performance, and successful geographic expansion strategies
  • Sustainability-focused initiatives by OEMs, lubricant blenders, and marketers
  • - FWS channel attractiveness at city/city cluster level
  • - Identifying criteria to evaluate attractiveness
  • - Identifying attractive city/city clusters

Provides insights for 300+ cities in China

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

An overview of the key learnings

Passenger car parc dynamics

  • City-level passenger car population trends
  • New passenger car sales
  • Segmentation by powertrain
  • Segmentation by OEM

OEM dynamics

  • Distribution of OEMs by city and by heritage (Japanese, South Korean, European, American, Local, Other)
  • OEM programs and evolution covering genuine oils, partnerships with Oil Cos, use of digital technology, and retention rates
  • Outlook

Sustainability-focused activities

  • OEM and blender sustainability programs and impact on passenger car servicing

Lubricant consumption

Overall PCMO consumption trends covering:

  • By quality level, viscosity grade, and formulation at country level
  • By branding type (OEM-branded, merchant-branded, co-branded) at country level
  • Overall PCMO consumption by city
  • City-level PCMO consumption by quality level, viscosity grade, and formulation—only for the franchised workshop channel

Geographic trends

Geographic market analysis:

  • Current demand and growth by city and region
  • OEM trends and market share by city and region
  • Blender trends and market share by city and region; apparent strategies and future intent of leading blenders
  • Market outlook by geography

Market evaluation

  • Identify criteria that increase or decrease attractiveness of city/city cluster level markets
  • Identify attractive cities/city clusters
  • Profile select geographic expansion strategies
FAW Toyota Beijing Hyundai​​​ Dongfeng Nissan​​​ GAC Toyota
Chang’an Ford​​ SAIC VW​​​ BYD​​​ SAIC GM​​​
GAC Honda​​​ Greatwall Motor BMW​​​ Benz​​​
FAW VW​​ Chery​​​ Geely​​​ JAC

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for understanding FWS and IWS channel growth, geographic trends, dealers OEM, blender, and customer behavior and profile. The quarterly monitor will help subscribers to:

  • Understand geographic trends covering major cities, and identify new opportunities and business challenges
  • Understand key product usage patterns and OEM programs, and identify differences between different regions and cities
  • Evaluate the market position of leading OEMs and blenders, and identify key success factors

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