Immersion Cooling Fluids in Digital Infrastructure Fundamentals of the Growth Segment

Immersion Cooling Fluids in Digital Infrastructure: Fundamentals of the Growth Segment

Base Year: 2022
Published: January 2023
Coverage: Global

What's New?

It is not often traditional products face the prospect of a new outlet well-aligned with a mega-trend like Digitalization , creating a promising new playing field.
Correctly estimating the opportunity based on where-to-play and right-to-win requires several steps, starting with a pragmatic view of the fundamentals of the opportunity to make go/no-go decisions.
This is the purpose of our Flash Report on Immersion cooling fluids in Digital infrastructure.

What's it About?

Global electronic cooling technology is driven by new performance requirements.
As society’s data processing needs grow with the rise of the data economy, there is a need for higher-performance, smarter, more energy/cost-efficient, and sustainable data centers. Immersion cooling can help solve these challenges.
This report is focused on digital applications. It expands and complements our existing body of work on EV cooling evolution and will be a part of our Emerging Opportunity tracking program.

Why Look into this Space?

Immersion cooling technology offers superior performance compared with other technologies, pointing to value potential.
Fluid manufacturers developing products for emerging EV thermal management applications could uncover synergies in the emerging data server (cloud computing, cryptocurrency) applications.
Taking advantage of this growing space will require a sector-specific and compelling value proposition balancing the key needs: Performance, Cost, Sustainability.


Immersion Cooling Technology Overview: Technology Landscape

  • What is the technology?
  • What does it entail?
  • What are its advantages and drawbacks compared to other routes of thermal management?

Immersion Cooling Fluid Market Landscape: Inter-product Competition Lens

  • What are the various immersion cooling fluids being offered?
  • How do they vary in terms of chemistry; thermal and electrical properties; fluid life and maintenance practices; sustainability (carbon footprint and recycling potential); and fluid cost?
  • Who are the key suppliers of these fluids? What are the fluids that they offer?

Thermal Management in Digital Infrastructure: Customer Needs Lens

  • What are the key customer segments?
  • What are the current thermal management practices in various digital infrastructure segments – cloud computing, cryptocurrency mining, and other applications?
  • What are the performance requirements from the thermal management process in terms of heat removal / reuse, thermal fluid life, recycling, sustainability, and operating costs?
  • How do immersion cooling fluids compare with other thermal management technologies vis-à-vis the key customer needs?
  • What are commercial considerations when choosing cooling fluids?

Market Drivers and Outlook: Parameters of the Opportunity

  • What is the overall thermal fluid demand in volume and value terms? What is the share of immersion cooling fluids?
  • Geographic demand heatmap & customer footprint (key regions)
    5- and 10-year outlook for immersion coolants; key drivers and restraints for growth in immersion cooling technology
  • Key developments/activity, regulatory updates in the market impacting the demand for these fluids
  • Kline view: key take-aways on market assessment and opportunities

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