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Opportunities in Industrial Lubricants: Global Market Overview

Base Year: 2023
To be Published: Phase I: Q2 2024; Phase II: Q4 2024
Focus: Global and Regional

Is Your Growth Strategy “Geared” Toward Making Your Brand Future Proof?

  1. Industrial oils opportunities, where the hotspots?
    • - Are you aware of the hotspots for industrial fluid demand across the globe? Would you like to identify top opportunities in the form of an industrial heat map?
    • - The pace of developments in various end uses is uneven; do you know where to introduce or place your top-dollar lubricants?
  2.  Is your growth strategy aligned with the regional mega- and microtrends impacting industries?
    • - What will be the implications of trends such as sustainability, digitalization, and energy transition on industrial lubricant product selection?
    • - Are you aware of the growing/evolving playing fields and the competitive environment surrounding it?
  3. Are you up-to-speed with the current state of play for general industrial oils (GIO)?
    • - How are the oil formulations evolving in the backdrop of technology advancements, regulatory changes, decarbonization trends, and the inflationary trends of raw materials?
    • - What are the gold standards for general industrial oils that can help your brand become future proof?
  4. Are you equipped with the right futuristic decision-making tools to pursue coup de maître?
    • - Amidst the technological or regulatory challenges and disruptions taking place in key industrial sectors, do you understand how and where to position your general industrial oils for maximum growth in the future?
    • - Would you like to congeal your growth strategy with a detailed sector-wise outlook and future growth analysis?

Phase I: Industrial Lubricants – Heat Map

Industrial heat map: Global footprints and opportunities

  • Industrial demand by region, rolled-up into global overview
  • Industrial demand by lubricant type
  • Identification of key global growth geographies

Trend implications: Future growth analysis

  • Impact analysis covering key trends, such as technology advancements, regulatory changes, and decarbonization/ sustainability, and their implication on the future growth
  • Industrial oils demand forecast by product type for a 5- to 10-year time horizon

Regional market analysis: Key regional demand drivers

  • Comprehensive profiles of five regional markets, including Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Africa & the Middle East
  • Trends and their implications: Megatrends, macro-trends, high-level regional trends (incl. sustainability, digitization, mobility and electrification, energy transition, geopolitics, and supply chain)
  • Industrial oils demand among different regions, products (Table 1), and top five end-use sectors
  • Competition by region
General industrial oils (hydraulic, industrial gear, compressor and refrigeration oil, turbine and circulating oils, other)
Metalworking fluids
Industrial engine oils
Process oils

Supported by in-depth regional market studies from Kline’s Global Lubricants and LubesNet Database Products

Phase II: General Industrial Oils – Products and Sector Opportunities

Product analysis: Lubricant product evolution and demand analysis

  • Detailed product profiles for all general industrial oils (Table 2), covering the following analysis for each product type:
    • - Product demand breakdown by region
    • - Demand analysis in top five sectors
    • - Products demand by formulation
    • - Key market trends impacting demand
    • - Services
    • - Competition
Hydraulic fluids
Industrial gear oils
Compressor fluids
Refrigeration oils
Turbine and circulating oils

Sector analysis: Sector trend analysis and opportunities

  • Sector analysis for several sectors such as power, primary metals, and general manufacturing, covering:
    • - Sector-specific developments, government policies, regulations, technology advancements, and decarbonation initiatives
    • - Demand and outlook for general industrial oils by product, covering key drivers
    • - Maintenance practices and services-related insights

How does this product help me succeed in this space?

Demand for general industrial lubricants is anticipated to remain strong in the short and long term. Our market analysis will help examine the opportunities in top growth sectors, identifying the key lubricant growth products.

This analysis will evaluate the impact of key market trends (including sustainability, energy transition, and digitization) and associated opportunities. This will help our subscribers develop their future market and product strategies in coherence with key changes taking place across the globe.

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