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Impact of EV Manufacturing on Metalworking Fluids: Opportunities and Challenges

Base Year: 2023
Published: February 2024
Regional Coverage: Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America

Electric vehicles (EVs), will soon be the leading category of vehicles sold in many parts of the world. EV manufacturing is different from internal combustion engine (ICE) manufacturing and the growth of the former will have a significant impact on the demand for metalworking fluids (MWFs). EV manufacturing will lead to a reduction in the number of components along with changes in manufacturing processes compared to ICE vehicles. This study will examine the impact of EV manufacturing on the MWF market besides providing an update on the overall market. 


  • Size and segmentation for MWF in select markets by demand by major fluid type and end-use industry
  • Size and segmentation for MWFs employed in automotive (passenger vehicle) manufacturing by major fluid type
  • Identification of MWF-intensive auto-component manufacturing
  • Identification of metalworking processes affected by EV manufacturing
  • Future market for MWFs used in automotive manufacturing
  • Opportunities and challenges for MWF formulators and marketers

Comparison Between EV and ICE Vehicle Architecture

Table of Contents


MWF market overview in 2023 by

  • Overall MWF market size in 2023 by:
    • - Demand in select country markets in key regions
    • - Demand by fluid type (removal, forming, protecting, and treating fluids)
    • - Demand by end-use industries
    • - Competitive landscape
    • - Emerging trends shaping MWF demand, and five-year forecast.

EV Manufacturing Overview

  • Concise description of key market developments that are driving EVs sales
  • Long-term (up to 2050) passenger vehicle sales/production projection.
  • Analysis of emerging EV manufacturing processes and the potential effects on hardware size and materials used
  • Identification of auto-components affected (eliminated/substituted/added) by EV manufacturing
  • Description of supply chains at a regional level for key auto parts impacted by the e-mobility trend


North America
​Canada, Mexico, and the United States
Asia China, India, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea
Europe France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom

Impact of EVs on MWF

  • A regional overview of the automotive MWF market in 2050 under various scenarios including:
    • - High EV impact scenario
    • - Baseline EV impact scenario
    • - Low EV impact scenario
  • Regional MWF demand forecast in  automotive manufacturing in 2050
    • - Impact on four major fluid types (removal, forming, protecting, and treating fluids) due to changes in the vehicle architecture
    • - Impact at a regional level for player operating in engine/engine parts manufacturing, ICE transmission system, EV electric motor, EV transmission system/parts, and EV battery and housing
  • Opportunities and challenges by MWF type (removal, forming, protecting, and treating fluids)

NOTE: EVs in this report include only battery electric, hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Subscriber Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for manufacturers and formulators of MWFs to understand how the growing production of EVs will affect the MWF market. Specifically, this report assists subscribers by providing:

  • A snapshot of the MWFs market by major fluid type, and end-use application
  • An assessment of EV manufacturing and its impact on MWFs in terms of major processes and auto-parts
  • A summary of emerging opportunities arising from the unique component manufacturing requirements of EVs

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